Wireless Connection Failure in Windows 8 – How to fix it?

Is the wireless on your Windows 8 PC not functioning? Here is the tutorial how to fix the wireless issue on your system. When you turn on the Wireless button on your computer you find that you are unable to connect to Internet. There are many factors that can cause problems with the wireless Internet connection. The possible ways to fix the issue are hereby discussed.

fix the wireless issue windows 8

Check all Physical Connections, Router and switches

Most of the time loose connection in routers or any switch can cause failure in Internet connection. Check the Windows Compatibility Center on the Microsoft website for your device. Verify that all the wires are plugged in properly. Check for all the lights on the router are glowing or blinking as indicated by the user manual. If the fault is in the device or the device isn’t receiving power, the product itself may be defective. If the router is getting power, but not connecting, try resetting it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use Device Manager to View Connections

Go to network and internet connections by moving the mouse to the right side of the screen, clicking the search bar and type Network Connections, then click Settings > View Network connections. Under Network connections you can see a list of network adapters. Try updating the network card or the wifi adapter. Visit the manufacturer website to get the updated version for your driver from other computer and install them and see if it resolves the problem. Also try checking whether the adapter is enabled or not. Right click the network adapter, and click Enable.

Using the Troubleshooter

Try the troubleshooter to fix the issue. Move your mouse cursor over the left side of the screen, and click in the search text box and type Network Troubleshooting and then click Settings. When the settings window appears, click on Identify and repair network problems. Once the troubleshooter starts it will take the user through a series of steps to help diagnose the problem. Follow the steps to ensure a proper solution and problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Contact the Device’s Manufacturer

If the methods described above fails to resolve the issue, you can contact the device manufacturer or consult any hardware expert to fix the issue.

The issues may have also occur due to system lacking in Windows 8 compatible driver or may be your device requires additional set up steps, or needs enabling of some specific system options.

However the steps described will solve most of the wifi issues, but some cases may be prevented that can be only resolved by some hardware experts or by the device manufacturer.


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