Windows 8: Turn On/ Off Action Center Messages

All the security level and maintenance related items status are checked and maintained by Windows Action Center. By default Action Center is enabled in all Windows OS. If the status of any of these items changes, you are notified by a message or balloon notification in the system notification area i.e. at the far right side of the taskbar on screen. If the something important message is put up by red cross on the Action flag in the notification area. Here is the tutorial how you can Turn On or Off Action Center Messages in Windows 8.

Turn On Off Action Center Messages in Windows 8

As told earlier, the Action Center messages are turned on by default in Windows 8. But there are users who might not like the Action center, here is how you can disable them and re-enable them back according to your need.

Action Center message are useful in indicating or reminds you about the status change and the action needed to fix them. Whenever your PC antivirus software is out of date, you see a red cross on action center reminding you to update it or say there’s an update for an app is available to help it run better, you see a yellow message. The Action Center icon isn’t changed upon appearance of yellow messages.

Steps to Turn On/Off Action Center Messages in Windows 8

  • You can directly open the Action center by clicking on the Action Center system icon in the desktop taskbar notification area
    Or Open Control Panel in icons view and click on the Action Center icon

Action Center Icon

  • Next, click on the Change Action Center settings link present at the upper left side of the window

Action Center 1

  • Here you can check to turn on or uncheck to turn off messages whatever you opt for

Action Center 2

  • Once you have set your preference, click on OK to apply the changes for your user account
  • Now, close Action Center and further you won’t receive any such action center messages on your system.

Upon following the steps described here you can now turn on/off Action Center Messages in Windows 8.


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