Windows 8: How to Change Notifications display time?

Microsoft’s new Windows Operating System i.e. Windows 8 has added many new features that are different from earlier Windows OS. As being discussing about some of the newly added features in Windows 8 here is another one i.e. how to change Notifications display time. Due to the changes brought out in Windows 8 many users face little difficulties in operating some feature in it. Follow the tutorial here to change the Notifications display time in Windows 8.

Change Notifications display time windows 8

Windows 8 has replaced start menu with Metro start screen that can be little tricky for a novice. The new OS also brings out features like Charm bar, lock screen and many more. The charm bar allows quick access to PC settings or Apps or search any files instantly. Notifications can be seen in the upper most corner of the screen. Windows 8 is much advanced and improved than the earlier version of Windows OS.

However the tutorial here is all about how you can increase or decrease the time, for which toast notifications are displayed by Windows 8.

Steps to change Notifications display time in Windows 8

Windows 8 allows you to enable or disable Toast Notifications in Windows 8 completely. But if you want to change the display time only, then follow the steps described below

  • Press Windows key + C or move your mouse cursor on the right side of the screen to open charm bar
  • Next, select Settings charms and then click on PC Settings at the bottom of the settings bar
  • Under PC settings click on Ease of Access option

change notification time

  • Here click on the drop-down menu under Show notifications and select the time you want for the notifications to display.

That’s it. You have changed Notifications display time in Windows 8.

Upon following the steps described here you can now increase or decrease the time for which toast notifications are displayed by Windows 8.


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