Windows 8 Enhancing the Laptop Battery Life

We are very much fond of the new and the latest technologies. Likewise many of you out there prefer laptops over desktops. The day by day advancement in the field of technologies has reduced the size of every device. The laptops that are so common among the youths have made the maker to take the laptops, notebooks, etc. to a much higher level. But, the reduced size of the laptops creates many issues like overheating, etc. as the space inside the laptops are reduced. The battery life also gets expired after certain short time period. Follow this tutorial to know how you can extend your laptop battery life by simply reducing the memory needs.

Windows 8 enhancing laptop battery life

Taking into account the demand for laptops and notebooks, Microsoft has developed Windows 8 OS in such a way that it reduces the memory needs and extends the battery life. Many of us are fond of installing a lot of apps and programs and you must be aware that more the Apps downloaded more is the RAM memory consumed and more the RAM consumed more is the battery usage, which in turn means lower run times for our laptops.

Microsoft has developed a method to free up memory requirements and still have an efficient and effective operating system that combines the memory to take up less space that will help in extending the life of a battery.

Normally, when you download a file or install a program the memr6y allocates space to the new installed program. Some extra memory to that app is allocated in case it is used in the future. The space remains idle and blocks the memory that idle memory can be used up by using memory combining, which is provided in Windows 8. The OS assesses the actual memory needs of an app and then deletes all extra allotted or duplicate memory entries across the system memory. However, Microsoft has managed to free up to 100MBs of memory by using this technique.

Previous versions of OS take up lot of space while running programs all time. In Windows 8 they moved 13 OS services to a start on demand model. And they also developed a way of identifying high priority and low priority memory uses, to ensure that even when memory is scare, your vital apps don’t become unresponsive.

To proof the method developed to enhance the battery life, Microsoft performed a test by taking a laptop of 3 years old having a RAM of 1GB and installed both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems on it separately. The system was rebooted for several times to simulate normal usage and then let the laptop idle for a while.

windows 7 8 task manager

On analyzing the Task Manager with system running on Windows 8, it was noticed that the amount of memory was reduced and the CPU usage was reduced by 4% and the physical memory by 12%.

So it is quite efficient to use Windows 8 OS on your laptop as it will save a lot of memory space on your computer in addition with extending the battery life. This not only efficiently uses the memory, but also runs quite easily on older machines.


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