Windows 7: Enable or set Autorun/Autoplay feature to access External Devices

Do use the removable drives or use USB drives, CD/DVDs? If you are among those who work with the removable devices then auto play features can be quite useful to you. This feature lets you run or play your externally connected devices or removable drives automatically as soon as they are connected or inserted to your system. Here is the tutorial how you can set the AutoPlay Defaults on Windows 7.set AutoPlay Defaults Windows 7
The common features of AutoPlay are:

  • Turn On/Off AutoPlay
  • Set default program for media and other files
  • Set default action for a device or type of media

It also allows you to set the AutoPlay settings for all kind of media and devices connected to your windows 7 system. You can alter the settings for various programs with AutoPlay to start different kinds of media, such as music CDs or DVDs that contain photos.

It would be quite beneficiary and time saving if you could operate your devices as soon as they are connected to your system. But, it also involves risk of malware threat to your system as the Auto play or Auto run feature serves as a gateway for virus and other malware activities. The Autorun feature on USB drives get easily infected by the malware or virus.  If you still wish to enable AutoPlay Defaults on Windows 7, then follow the steps described below.

Set AutoPlay or Autorun Defaults on Windows 7

  • Go to Start and type auto in the search box in the start menu
  • Select Autoplay from the search results
  • Or you can go to control panel and under Hardware and Sound options you can find the Autoplay

AutoPlay Win7 control panel

  • When the Autoplay settings screen appears on the computer screen, select the programs where you would like to make changes under each media types. See the screen shot below.

set autoplay defaults windows 7

  • Once you have set the settings, you can click on Save.

Upon completion of all the steps described above you can easily access any CD or USB upon connected with your Windows system. You can directly access the removable drives without waiting for the computer for any permission to access it by enabling Autorun or Autoplay feature on Windows 7.


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