How to fix the error – WebPage Can’t be accessed?

On searching over a particular website sometimes you encounter an error indicating web page can’t be accessed or the webpage not loaded correctly. It is really an annoying situation and leads to frustration and decreases the work interest. Here is the tutorial about how you can access the webpage or any website correctly without any hindrance.

fix error webpage cannot be accessed

We always wish to browse internet in a lightning speed irrespective of the type of computer. Here are some tips that will help you surf the web within clicks every time you boot your computer.

Restart your Computer

Simple internet problem can be solved by restarting the computer as the problems may arise due to minor glitches since it is a base that has been designed and coded extremely well. Your problem regarding the webpages cannot be displayed can be possibly solved upon restarting your PC as the files and other various options get refreshed.

Also, you can try resetting your modem or the router that is connected on your PC. To achieve this, follow the steps below steps.

  • Unplug or disconnect the cable that connects your computer with the modem
  • Disconnect the power or turn off the modem and the router
  • Restart your computer
  • Upon restarting, turn on the modem or the router, connect the cable back with your computer and modem or   router, and again restart the computer
  • Check that all network cables are securely connected
  • Upon completion of the above process, browse the website that you were unable to visit.

If the problem persists, then delete all the browsing history. To do so go to the browser tools > Select Internet options > Click Delete under browser history.

Scan PC with Anti-virus

First, verify that webpage or the website access isn’t blocked by the windows firewall or the protective program on your computer. In many cases, anti-spyware tool blocks certain malicious websites and when you try to visit that site it shows you error. Malware activity can also contribute in causing the WebPage can’t be accessed error.  Due to malware activity Windows fail to recall the needed files in order to access web pages on your computer. To avoid this error scan the full system with an anti-virus and secure your browsing. All the threats will be removed after scanning your system.

Fix Registry Errors

Invalid or incorrect registry entries can also cause the webpage error. When a moving a file from one location or folder to another or even when you install a driver or program on the computer, an entry is created in the registry, informing the PC about where to find the file and how to run the program properly. Even after deleting a particular a program the registry keep a track of that program making the registry corrupted and clumsy as a result of which the webpages are nor not accessed correctly.

You can also use Advanced PC Tweaker tool to remove all the errors from the windows and resolve the problem that prevents you from accessing the webpages or websites and enhance a secure and fast browsing.


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