Troubleshoot Errors in Windows 8 with Reliability Monitor

Talking about the features loaded in Windows 8 are never ending. Microsoft has brought out many changes in Windows 8 by replacing many features and adding latest features to it. There are certain built-in tools that are still hidden and most users have no clue about it. In this tutorial you will get to know about the Windows Reliability Monitor. It presents you the statistics when your PC slows down or when it crashes down and more. Here is the tutorial how you can diagnose problems using Windows Reliability Monitor.reliability monitor windows8 find errrorsWindows Reliability Monitor not only allows you to see the statistic of slowing down your computer or when the system crashes, but also diagnoses to identify the possible culprits behind problems or system crash down. It provides a way to resolve the issues but identifying the possible reason behind the problem causing your system to crash down or slow down.

Steps to use the Reliability Monitor in Windows 8

If you are on the start screen, type Reliability in order to open the Reliability Monitor in Windows 8

search reliability windows 8
A new search window opens, here click Settings

Next, click on View reliability history to see all the statistics of the operation taking place on your system

reliability monitor main screen

The Windows Reliability Monitor in Windows 8 reviews your system stability on any given day on a scale of one to ten. The higher the stability number, the better is the system performance or say your system is that healthy. You can also get a clear picture for your computer’s behavior on a specific day and figure out if anything wrong has occurred on the system.

You can get all the details regarding system warnings, events and crash reports, etc. You can review the statistics and find out what is making your computer to slow down or figure out the issues which can cause a great threat in the near future and you can also check out issues which occur repeatedly and fix them before they cause a huge damage on your PC.

reliability monitor checking issues

From the screenshot above it is configured that Adobe Reader had issues for not been updated properly. This may cause an undiagnosed issue with Adobe Reader we need to look into.

To investigate more about the issues, simply click on individual warnings to get a better understanding of what happened and what lead to the error.

Next, right-click on an error and view the technical details

view technical details

Here you can see what has caused the error, for instance in the screen shot below, it seems like Windows tried to update Adobe Reader but received an error number. You can Google it and search for the possible ways to troubleshoot the issue.

problem details

There are many users out there who remain unaware of the unknown issues with stability in Windows 8, for them the Reliability Monitor is an excellent way to diagnose problems and troubleshoot them to fix the problems. As the errors prevailing in your computer doesn’t flashes on the screen but when any issues occur, the Reliability Monitor keeps track. So, it is helpful to you to reach out the possible culprits and resolve the issue before any major issues takes place.


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