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You might have noticed that when you hit any link in Google Chrome web browser it opens in the same window but in different small window. There are many sites which contain popup and other AD links associated with the main sites. The external links opens under the same window that is the window where the original site is opened along with a new window unlike the other web browsers who opens the external links and other popup or adware in a new tab in current window. Many users out there must be irritated of this fact. Here is the tutorial how you can force Google Chrome to Open Link and Pop-Up in New Tab.

open link new tab Google Chrome

The external links sometimes happens to replace the original page, to avoid this kind of situation follow the tutorial here to open the adware or any associated links in the same window but under different tab. Other web browsers like IE and Firefox provides options to set to open pop-ups and links in new tab in current window, while Chrome web browser lacks any such control option.

Chrome includes various ways to that allows users to make a link or cause a pop-up to open in new tab instead of new window, overriding what is encoding on web pages.

Process 1

This the easiest way to open any associated links in a new tab, that is Right Click on the link and select Open Link in a New Tab

google chrome link new tab

Process 2

Hold down Ctrl+ Shift Key and then Click on Link to open the external link in New Tab in a new background tab.

Process 3

You can Middle Click your mouse on the Link and the destination page opens in New Tab. In order to bring the new link in a new focused tab in the foreground, press Shift and middle-click on the link.

Process 4

You can drag and drop Links to Tab Bar of the New Tab, the link automatically opens in new tab. You can even position the new tab on the location you prefer.

Process 5

You can use Chrome Extensions or plug-ins to Force the links to open in a New Tab.

One Window is an add-on that automatically moves new Chrome window and popup as tab to the main Chrome window, that is chrome won’t be allowed to open more than a single Window. The plugin functions by allowing the popup or new window to open, and then transform the new Chrome window into a tab.

Open _new & _blank in new background tab: Forces all links that have _new or _blank as target to open in a new background tab, instead of a foreground tab. This plugin does not really work on popup and new window that been opened via JavaScript or complex HTML code.

Upon following the steps discussed above you can easily open the link in a new tab under same window.


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