Mozilla Firefox- Get rid of Unecessary Bookmarks Button from Bookmarks Toolbar

There are few features that are not liked by many users in Firefox. Today we will be discussing about how to remove large Bookmarks button from Bookmarks Toolbar. If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you might have faced this irritating issue that is when you don’t enable Bookmarks Toolbar, Firefox always shows a “Display your bookmarks” button at the end of standard Navigation Toolbar containing few other options that helps you in showing bookmarks toolbar, bookmark a page, etc. If you want to get rid of it, follow the tutorial here.

Bookmarks Button Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

Upon enabling Bookmarks Toolbar you might have noticed that the small button gets replaced by a big Bookmarks button that can be shown at the end of Bookmarks Toolbar, refer the screenshot below for better understanding:

The button is simply a useless IMO. It eats up a lot of space that causes many bookmarks hide from showing in bookmarks toolbar and we need to click on the arrow to access those bookmarks. What about removing the button from toolbar to get some extra space to show remaining bookmarks items?

It would be way easier for you to access the bookmarks. If you could remove that annoying “Bookmarks” button using Customize toolbar window, you will find that the button is not shown anymore in the Bookmarks toolbar. Only Bookmarks Toolbar Items in Bookmarks toolbar can be viewed and on removing it from Bookmarks toolbar, none of your bookmarks will be shown in toolbar. This proves that the annoying button is tightly coupled with Bookmark items and difficult to get rid of this useless and annoying “Bookmarks” button from Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox.

Here is how you can resolve this issue i.e. you can now easily remove the sticky “Bookmarks” button from Firefox Bookmarks toolbar. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox and right-click on toolbar > Customize
  • You will now have Customize Toolbar window opened onscreen. Here you just need to drag the “Bookmarks” button present in Navigation toolbar and drop it in Customize Toolbar window


That’s all. Now close the window.

You can now find that the annoying Bookmarks button from Bookmarks toolbar is gone.

bookmarks removed

Upon following the steps described above you can now easily get rid of the useless Bookmarks Button from Bookmarks Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox.


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