Installing OR Reinstalling USB drivers in Windows 8

When you plug an USB device to your Windows 8 computer and you find that the port isn’t functioning. USB or Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a standardized port that is used worldwide for connecting computer to any other external and peripheral devices like hard disk, mouse, keyboard, Scanners, pen drives, card readers, etc. These ports are provided to communicate with the peripheral or the external devices so as to transfer data to external devices and carry it anywhere. But, sometimes the USB port fails to communicate with the external devices due to certain errors in computer.  Follow the tutorial to reinstall USB drivers in Windows 8.Reinstalling USB drivers in Windows 8

USB devices are helpful to transfer data to anywhere in the world. Since, they are standardized they can be connected to any computer. The failing USB devices or ports fails to respond because of the outdated or corrupted or deleted accidentally. Here is the tutorial illustrating how to reinstall USB drivers in windows 8.
The drivers in the computer need to be updated to the latest versions to ensure proper functioning of the USB ports.

Reinstall USB drivers in Windows 8

  • Hold Windows key + C together to open Windows 8 charms bar
  • Go to its search option and type in control panel and launch it

control panel search start screen

  • Next, go to hardware and sound option
  • Click on Device manager from the new window that appears. Upon prompted by UAC, click yes to continue with process
  • Under device manager, select to expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers

device manager win 8

  • Now select and right click on USB root hub and select Update Software Driver

update driver software

The windows that appears will prompt you to search for the drivers either from Internet or browse the computer to found the drivers.

Searching for drivers and then updating them will take some time and once the drivers updated you can see that your USB ports works very well. You can also get the updated version of drivers from the manufacturer’s website.]

Upon following the steps described above you can reinstall the USB drivers on your Windows 8 computer.


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