How to number items in Windows 7 Taskbar and system Tray?

Are you among those who are fond of customizing Windows? This is the tutorial about how you can number the items present in Windows 7 Taskbar and System Tray. Taskbar includes thumbnails of different apps in the computer along with jumplists. Here is the tutorial about customizing the Windows 7 taskbar by numbering them.

number items in Windows 7 Taskbar and system Tray

You can now number the items featured in the Windows 7 taskbar using a freeware named 7 Taskbar Numberer. The name itself indicates the purpose of the software. This freeware adds number to each item in the Windows 7 taskbar and also to the items in system tray.

7 Taskbar Numberer is free utility tool which is specially designed for the users who use speech recognition or use voice macros to switch between open applications and tray icons. It works well for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems. The app is portable you just need to download and run the app to add numbers to the items. The app resides in the system tray and adds numbers to all the items available in taskbar and system tray.

numbered taskbar

Whenever any new item is added to the taskbar or the notification area, the utility program adjusts dynamically and also works even when the user has chosen to make just a subset of the tray icons visible.

As mentioned above that the utility is designed for people who use speech recognition and is quite handy for them. When there are significant amount of tray icons, it can become quite cumbersome for the user to count by hand for the number of icons in order to identify the sequence of the intended application or tray icon.

Although the program assigns numbers to system tray icons and the taskbar items, but you cannot actually launch tray icons using Windows + Number shortcut that are assigned to the items. However, while using speech recognition, you can use Tray Number as command to launch programs in the system tray.

So, this is all about how you can number the items in the system tray and taskbar in Windows 7 OS.


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