How to Keep Your Files Secure on Internet?

Today’s world depends completely on the Internet which helps you connect all over the world. We are more likely dependent on computer in our day to day life. Although internet is advantageous, but it has many disadvantages too. Many fraudulent and malicious quantity are trolling over internet and are on stake. The hackers are making money by fraud by gaining access to the remote computer illegally and misusing the host computer documents or other valuable information to cash their life. Here are some tips which will help you secure your personal information and files on computer.

secure file computer

Computer is used for various purposes starting from a school assignment to internet banking. Therefore, it is extremely crucial and important to keep all your file’s secure in order to prevent your personal information from getting compromised.

Using difficult Password

While you are browsing Internet, always make sure that you use a difficult or critical password that are difficult to guess. Use different password for all websites. If your password is easier to remember, then it is not a good one. Create password using numbers and special characters. If you find difficulty in remembering the password, then you can use Password Manager programs like Sxipper, KeePass, etc. Keepass is an open source password manager. Passwords can be stored in highly-encrypted databases, which can be unlocked with one master password this will keep track of your passwords so that you do not have to trouble your brain for memorizing all your username or password combinations.

Password Protect your Computer

Always make sure your to keep your computer password protected. Never enable auto login functionality as this can threaten your computer and the data stored in it. Computer itself is the gateway to your personal information and access to the Internet and even virus and threaten your computer.

Use Software to Protect files

Protection of data is in our hand. The important files, documents, etc. can be secured by using encryption software. Software like TrueCrypt , MEO File Encryption Software, etc. to create an encrypted volume. It reduces the fear of data theft even when your laptop or computer is lost.

Use Anti-virus

To reduce the effect of threat, you must keep your firewall and anti-virus software up-to-date. Always use a trusted anti-virus and choose auto-update so that you are free from scheduling a time to manually update it.

The computer firewall provides protection from hacking attempts. The anti-virus warns you or even block you upon accessing a malicious site on the internet. Avoid random clicking unless you are sure about the site. Open emails that are from a verified source.

Avoid using Internet on public Computer

Many public places like cafe offer free Internet facility. If you are using it, then your computer might be at risk. Avoid using public computers to access your valuable files or information. Free internet on public places seems to be convenient, but there are hidden threats that can damage your system.

Use the above instructions to keep your file’s secure on the Internet. Keep your personal information and data safe on your computer because once they are compromised, the outcome may be really dangerous and put you in a big trouble.


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