How to fix error 301 on your computer?

Did you encounter an error 301 while browsing any web address? Many of you out there may have encountered the HTTP error 301 message prompting Permanent Redirect or something similar to that. Generally this error occurs when the Web server thinks that your URL for the respective website has been permanently redirected to another URL and asks you to retry the alternate URL to go to the webpage you are searching for. But, these http errors sometimes appear falsely even when the URL is not re-directed at all. Here is the tutorial how you can fix the HTTP errors 301 on your own.

http redirect 301 error
Any temporary issue on the Internet or with the webpage can bring up error 301. When you get this error try reloading the webpage wither by refreshing the page from the address bar or by hitting the with the refresh/reload button. Many users have resolved the error by simply reloading the webpage.

If there is some server problem or anything goes wrong with the webpage then also it shows the error 301 message. You can try browsing the same webpage by browsing the same webpage from other computer and see whether you still get the error message or not. If the page appears without an error code then it is confirmed that something is wrong with your computer.

redirect 301error

To fix the error on your computer, perform the steps given below.

Check the proxy settings on your computer and ensure that they are correct. If you are unable to connect to the Internet because of an incorrect Proxy setting, then you will also fail to install any programs onto your computer. To check your computer proxy settings, go to Control Panel > Tools > Check all the internet options and Proxy options. To verify whether your settings are correct or not you can refer to the Microsoft website. If the settings are wrong, follow the Microsoft resource to set them correctly for better instantly. Once done with the settings, reinstall the Chrome or any other browser again to see whether the HTTP error 301 message has gone or not.

The errors can also arise due to the malware or virus on your computer. You all might be aware of different types of malware trolling on Internet. Some are intentionally created to hack the computer data illegally. Once your computer gets infected by virus you can never know what all damages it can cause. Due to your computer being exposed to any malware activities you can see that many times you are redirected to other webpage rather than the desired one. The best way to prevent the entry of malware is by installing an antivirus and keeping it updated all time. Try running safety scan at regular intervals to detect any malware threat on your computer.

Finally, you should clear out the registry errors to fix the issue. As we know that the size of the registry keeps on increasing with the creation of new files and folders. There are some unnecessary entries made on your computer, which make your computer sluggish. If the entries responsible for browsing pages are broken or corrupted then it can lead to the HTTP error 301. So to fix any kind of issue relating to windows registry you need to use automatic registry cleaner software to fix registry problems for you. Manual fix for registry is quite risky as it can delete useful entries and cause other errors on your computer.

The other reasons for the HTTP error code 301 can be the some unknown errors existing on your PC and this may prevent you from visiting some pages correctly.

Upon following the methods described above you no longer need to worry about the as this can be easily resolved or fixed and make you computer work faster and smoother than before.


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