How to Disable JavaScript in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browser?

Often users dislike enabling any kind of JavaScript in their browser. JavaScript is a standard web programming language that delivers interactive web pages taking the advantage of the developed functionality and dynamic interfaces of the particular webpage. If you are the one disliking the JavaScript and want to disable from your browser, then here is the tutorial to disable them in IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Disable JavaScript in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browser
Before moving towards how to disable JavaScript let’s see what are the benefits of disabling JavaScript in your browser. The JavaScript takes much time to load a webpage; once you disable it you would see the difference. The browsing speed improves dramatically that is you can notice that the web pages loading fast compared to earlier.
But disabling the feature would not allow many attractive features on the websites, like menus, sounds, sharing buttons, ads, etc. You may not be allowed to log in various websites or forums.

Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer

To disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, follow the steps given below.

  • Launch IE > open Internet Options > Security tab > Select Internet zone > Click Custom level

disable javascript ie

  • The window that appears in the screen, here disable Active Scripting. Click Apply/OK and restart your Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Disable JavaScript in Chrome

Follow the steps below to disable JavaScript in Google Chrome.

  • Open the chrome browser > click on Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings

disable javascript chrome

  • From the window that pops, select Do not allow any site to run JavaScript. If you want to add exceptions you may do so by clicking on its Manage exceptions button. Click OK and restart Chrome

Disable JavaScript in Firefox

To disable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox, launch the browser, open Options > Content tab

disable javascript firefox

Uncheck Enable JavaScript option. Its Advanced settings will let you disable or replace context menus, raise or lower windows and move or resize windows. Click OK and restart your Firefox browser.

Disable JavaScript in Opera

To disable JavaScript in Opera, open its Menu > Settings > Quick Preferences > uncheck Enable JavaScript. Restart Opera web browser.

disable javascript opera

Upon following the steps described above you can disable the JavaScript in your IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera Browser.


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