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Nowadays, almost every website and programs use or require login IDs and passwords in order to access it. Many users out there must be finding this little difficult in remembering each and every credential. If you don’t remember your password you may not be able to access your accounts on Internet, this is really annoying. Here is the tutorial how you can find all saved passwords of all programs.

find saved password programs passwdfinder

Browsers allow auto fill option to remember you in the website. But what if you want to login your account from other PC or location, at that time you will need to remember your password. Here is how you can find all saved programs using PasswdFinder.

Many of us has the habit of login using remembered passwords, there is an adverse effect using this feature that is you are most likely to forget the passwords yourself.

Users who have finger print password (sensor), then it is way easier to login. With the tool named PasswdFinder developed by the developers of KeyFinder from Magical Jellybean it is possible to retrieve the entire saved password from on your system.

passwdfinder screen

PasswdFinder is a neat utility tool that allows you to find your lost passwords and all for free. Simply install it and you can view all passwords saved by web-browsers, email clients, instant messengers, FTP clients and other programs.
The only thing you need to do is just run this app on your system and then select the programs from where you wish to recover the password. There are many programs set by default in the tool and more you can choose from the list by yourself.

Once you run the program, you can get all the passwords saved by the programs. That can be browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Messengers like AIM, Gtalk or can be email clients like Outlook, Windows Mail or any other tool; PasswdFinder shows the list of the passwords saved by these programs.

Use this program secretly as this reveals all your saved passwords for programs on Internet or browsers.

You no longer have to worry upon forgetting your passwords, as they can be easily retrieved from the programs using PasswdFinder.


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