Find out how much Memory Space is taken by Firefox Add-ons

You must have for at least once surely thought of the why the browser isn’t functioning as it used to be when it was freshly installed on your system. Browser gets slower day by day due to the add-ons and plug-ins that are been installed in it. Extensions are installed on your system and consume the system memory space. Here is the tutorial how you can manage and view memory Usage of Firefox Add-ons.

Memory Usage Firefox Add-onsTo determine how much space a particular Add-on takes on the system or the Add-ons which consumes more space than the other, you can take the help of taskbar. If you were using Google chrome, then you can easily find out which all programs on the system are consuming much space on your system. But, this is not the same for Firefox browser.

In Firefox, one need to type about:memory in the address bar and get a pretty detailed report about the Add-ons, but the information provided here are too haphazard way one has to be expert in dealing with them.

A new extension called about:addons-memory provides details about memory usage of only those extensions that are installed and enabled in your browser rather providing memory consumption of each and every detail of the browser add-ons.

You need to install the add-on and then type “about:addons-memory” in your Firefox address bar to open the report page.

addons memory space firefoxIn the page or report you can see a list of all add-ons installed, arranged in the descending order of their current memory usage. It also shows figures in absolute numbers as well as in percentage. The Explicit column in the page shows what percentage of memory has been explicitly allocated by Firefox. This explicit measure comes in handy when you are checking for memory leaks. You can also get to see a small graph allows you to judge about a particular add-on in comparison with the others.

Well the developer has reported that actual memory usage by the add-ons may be more than what is it appears. Moreover, Add-ons, especially non-JetPack ones, includes static or dynamic overlays that may add scripts, DOM or styles directly to the browser. These things are hard to be distinguished from the browser itself and hence cannot be counted towards the add-on, which results in the higher memory usage then compared to actual add-on memory usage reported by the Add-on.
Now, you can distinguish which Add-ons takes up much memory and remove them if they are not necessary.


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