Enjoy Metro Style Music Player in Windows 7

Rumors revealed that Windows 8 beta version will now accompany a Metro Style player, which is touch-friendly. Microsoft hasn’t made the Beta version available for testing yet. But, the metro style player is designed for devices that are touch-screen operated like Smartphone’s and tablets. If you are a Windows 7 user, then here is the tutorial to get somewhat similar Metro Style music player in Windows 7.

metro style music player in windows7

As already mentioned above, the Metro style music player is designed for the touch screen device operating with Windows 8 OS. This feature will not replace the default Windows Media Player or Media Center. You can now have the Metro style Music player along with your regular Windows media player or Media Center. However, it is little tricky to get the Metro Music Player in windows 7. Follow the tutorial to get a similar music player in Windows 7.

  • Firstly, you need to download software named CD Art Display. The name itself indicates the feature of the app that is you can see the currently playing song’s cover in a customizable skin. You can download it from CD Art Display’s Website and install it
  • Next, you need to download the Windows 8 Metro Music Player skin Files from this site. Extract the archive to get the Musicbeta Win8.cskin file
  • Double-Click the file to actually install it
  • Next launch the CD Art Display program and right-click on the icon in notification area. Under the Skin sub-menu choose Musicbeta Win8.

Upon completing all the steps you can try playing any song in Windows Media Player, Winamp, or in iTunes to see the new CD Art Display skin in action. You can view the metro player in full screen mode, for this go to the notification area and select Skin > Musicbeta Win8 > Maximized

musicbeta win8

You can move the mouse over the window or the tile to bring up the play/pause button. You can start the player using this button itself. Moving mouse on the upper right corner you can get the button to switch to full screen mode. To close the App, move your mouse over the upper left corner. Click on the tile hides/unhide the artist/song text.

Although it is not exactly the original Windows 8 Metro Music Player, but is quite similar in looks and behave most likely the original one.

Upon following the tutorial discussed here you can atleast get the opportunity to enjoy the new Metro Music Player on a windows XP/Vista/7 computer.


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