DNS Angel – To Block Inappropriate Websites on Internet

Are you concerned about your child’s activity on Internet? There are many unwanted, useless and malicious contents available on Internet. It’s high time to check upon your Child’s activity on Internet. With the advancement in technology, Internet is not only the medium for useful thing but it is also an, uncensored and sometimes unfriendly place. Being a senior or a parent, you need to be concerned about these facts and put a limitation on browsing inappropriate content on Internet. Follow this article here to know how you can block unsafe and inappropriate content on Internet.

Block Inappropriate Websites on Internet dns angel

Now you can limit your child’s activity on Internet by blocking unsafe and inappropriate sites or contents on Internet with a free portable software named DNS Angel. This freeware changes your DNS server with a click. Altering settings and DNS server and settings also allows you to manage web browsing speed.

block website DNS Angel

The essential feature of DNS Angel is to filters and block inappropriate websites automatically without installing any additional software.

How DNS Angel works?

The portable App makes a change in your DNS server to a more family friendly option bypassing any inappropriate websites like phishing or other malware sources, etc.

Using DNS Angel is not difficult to deal with. Simply download the freeware app and launch it. The user interface is simple making it easy to use. The interface presents you with a few buttons for the DNS servers it supports and a button to Restore DNS. The buttons included are as follows:

Open DNS Family
MetCert DNS
Restore DNS
Norton Con. Safe 1
Norton Con. Safe 2
Default DNS.

For instance you want to block any adult sites to prevent your child from coming across any inappropriate content, simply click MetaCert DNS button on the DNS Angel Interface. The moment you hit the button, Windows are alerted or say updated and use the MetaCert DNS server which in turn blocks the adult sites.

block website

To restore your original DNS settings, simply hit Restore DNS button from its Interface. On hitting the button, Windows will get back your original settings automatically.

Features of DNS Angel

  • It Blocks malicious sites, Phishing sites and other inappropriate sites.
  • It displays your current DNS status
  • It is Portable, free, effective and easy to use
  • Allows Easier restoration

This tool comes handy if you want to offer some sort of protection to a young child, but for a teenager it would be easier to restore the original DNS settings.

If you want to control your child’s activity on Internet, DNS Angel is a handy tool.


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