How to Disable Autorun to Prevent the Entry of Viruses?

You all might be aware of Autorun feature that allows you to run any external devices like USB, etc as soon as it gets connected to your PC. But, the Autorun feature has a demerit, that is it allows many malicious or viruses to execute malicious code by running automatically on your PC. Therefore it is recommended to disable the Autorun feature. Follow the tutorial to get the easiest way to to disable it.

disable autorun feature prevent virus

You can prevent the execution of the malicious code by simply disabling the Autorun feature and potentially save you from getting an avoidable PC virus that takes time and money to clean. Here are some ways to disable the feature.

Disable Autorun/Autoplay Feature with software – Disable Autorun

Disable Autorun is a simple freeware tool that enables you to turn on or turn off the Autorun feature of Windows. This utility program is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008 and Windows 7 for the 32 bit and 64 bit OS.

  • Download Disable Autorun and install the tool
  • Once installation is complete, right click the shortcut and click Run as Administrator
  • Upon opening of the program you can see the list of options as listed below. Select the option to disable the drives
  • Disables AutoRun on drives of unknown type
  • Disables AutoRun on removable drives
  • Disables AutoRun on fixed drives
  • Disables AutoRun on network drives
  • Disables AutoRun on CD-ROM drives
  • Disables AutoRun on RAM disks
  • Disables AutoRun on all kinds of drives

disable autorun

  • If you are unable to decide which one to select, choose Disables AutoRun on all kinds of drives
  • Next, Click on Apply and restart your computer to apply the changes.

Alternatively, you can use Autorun Remover, which is also an effective antivirus that removes and blocks autorun virus. You can easily disable autorun of USB with this utility program.

All you need to do is Download and install the Autorun Remover utility program and execute the tool and click Immunize Disk. Next, select Disable Autoplay for removable drives and click to Apply.

Next time when you connect any drives you can see that Autorun is prevented. It is a good way to prevent system from getting infected by disabling autoplay feature on USB devices.

Disable Autorun functionality manually via Local Group Policy Editor

  • Open Run dialog box by pressing Win+R or via start menu
  • Type gpedit.msc and click OK to open the Local Group Policy Editor
  • Navigate to Administrative Templates > System

disable autorun manually

  • In right side pane, Double click the Turn off Autoplay item where it is set as not configured
  • Select enabled, and change the Turn off Autoplay on to All Drives and Click OK
  • Restart to apply the changes.

The best way to prevent the access of virus is by disabling the Autorun. Different ways to disable the Autorun or Autoplay features are described above upon using of which you can easily disable the feature on your Windows computer.


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