Check & Report for Malicious Websites from IE

Today Internet has made life much easier, but with some advantages it also associates with some disadvantages. Nowadays, hackers and malware are trolling all around the Internet. There are websites which forces you to download stuffs that are malicious to gain unauthorized access to your computer leading to data theft and other valuable data on your computer. So, you need to be careful and alert while browsing Internet. Here is the tutorial how you can check and report any unsafe websites from Internet Explorer.

check report malicious websites IE

The malicious sites can involve you in a Phishing scam or force you to download and install malware on your computer. Here is how you can prevent your data from any kind of illegal acts that is by checking and reporting about the malicious websites on Internet Explorer.

Steps to check for and report malicious websites

Microsoft has included many new features to Internet Explorer 10 to provide better security and privacy on Internet. For instance, SmartScreen Filter helps you to detect phishing websites and also prevents you from installing malware. When you visit any websites, this feature checks the website and if found the site to be malicious, then a dynamic list of reported bad sites and reports you regarding it.

If you are using Internet Explorer browser and have landed on a webpage and want to check if the URL is suspicious or not, follow the instructions below.

ie check website

Click on Setting > Safety > Check this website. By doing this, the website address will be sent to Microsoft servers right over, and there it will be checked against a list of unsafe websites.

smart screen filter check website

To report a website, simply click on Settings > Safety > Report unsafe website

report website ie
You can see that you are directed to the webpage, where you can report against any suspicious Phishing and malicious website.

Upon following the tutorial, you can easily to check for and report unsafe websites from Internet Explorer.


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