How to Block Websites from Router / DNS?

There are many sites on the internet that you want to block on your network, so that no one using the same network could access it. However, there are many programs available in the web, which can be used to block a particular website. But it will be time consuming process as you need to install it to each and every computer connected to that network. Here is the tutorial how you can block websites without using any type of third party software.

block website router dns
Nowadays, Internet has become the part and partial of our life. We depend on computer and internet for every smaller needs starting from homework to banking. But, there are also some malicious and unnecessary websites trolling over internet that nay be harmful to your computer and also distracts the users and even put you and your data in a great risk.

Earlier in this tutorial it already mentioned that many software programs are available to block websites. But the problem is you need to install the software to every computer connected on the network, which is a time consuming process. Rather using any software, you can block websites from your wireless router. As every internal network has to pass through the router, so you can easily block them on their way using your router.

Block Websites on Router

All new routers come with the option to block or filter websites right on the router. For instance, if you use a Netgear N600 wireless router and there is a whole section called Content Filtering. You’ll need to log into the web interface of your router in order to access these settings.

Upon clicking on Block Sites, you can block on a schedule or block all the time. For example, if you want some of the website to be accessed in the day time and only, then set accordingly so that you can prevent other people accessing them. To block a website, simply type in the domain name or a keyword if you block websites with certain words in the URL. There are various other features available in the router.
There are many routers which are unable to block a website. In that case you can block the website using DNS.

Block Websites using DNS

The router can also block websites by using another DNS service provider other than your ISP. OpenDNS is an awesome DNS service provider that has the ability filter the content for home use. To achieve this all you need to do is sign up for a free account and change the DNS servers on your router to point to the OpenDNS servers.

OpenDNS provides a section on how to change the DNS settings for just about every router out there. The Home account gives you the ability to block individual websites and moreover this service is free and OpenDNS is much faster than ISP DNS servers.

The above mentioned methods will allow you to block websites on your home network without installing software to every single computer or device. This is the easier way as it doesn’t take up any space on the disk unlike the software. In addition to this it also provides the widest coverage since you’re blocking the websites at the source.


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