Windows 8: Add/Remove Devices from Device panel

The variations brought out in Windows 8 have improved its performance. Now, addition or removal of devices from your Windows 8 is now better than the earlier versions of OS. Windows 8 includes Devices section or panel under PC Settings that makes it real easy to add and remove devices. Here is the tutorial how to access the Devices Panel to add or remove devices from PC Settings in Windows 8.

add remove devices windows 8

Step to Open the Devices Panel in PC Settings

Open charms bar and open PC settings

Next, click on the Devices section

pc device settings windows 8

In this section, you can see all the external devices connected & installed on your computer or device.

Steps view Data about Installed Devices

Every device connected to your system has its icon shown in the devices section, representing its type. If any device is offline, a line is displayed below its name, stating this fact. When you move the mouse cursor over a device you can see the details regarding when was the device installed.

Steps to Remove Installed Devices

In order to remove any device installed on your Windows 8 computer, click on the device to select it and then click the minus sign on the top right. Upon prompted by UAC asking whether you would like to remove the device. Hit the Remove button and wait for the process to complete.
Once you have removed the device, it is no longer displayed in the list of Devices.

Steps to Install New Devices in Windows 8

When you plug in a new device, it gets installed to Windows 8 by default. It itself detects and install it automatically. In case Windows 8 is missing the drivers to run the device, in that case you need to download the appropriate drivers. Go to manufacturer’s website and download from there and run the setup wizard to install them.
But, sometimes you need to install devices that cannot be detected automatically. In that case, you need to add the device manually.

From the Devices section in PC Settings, click on “Add a device” option. But, make sure the device to be connected is turned on. Windows 8 will automatically search for the devices, including network devices and after few seconds you can see the device.

Next, click the device you want to install. You can now see the progress bar during the installation process. The name of the devices will change depending on the data found in the driver. When the progress bar is gone, you can see the device is listed with its final name.

Upon following the tutorial here, you can add or remove devices from PC Settings in Windows 8.


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