What are the Symptoms of a Faulty Power Supply Unit (PSU)?

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is one of the important units on a computer that is responsible for the functioning of computer. The PSU is connected to computer motherboard and provides the necessary electric supply to the PC from the power source or battery as in case of laptop. A faulty PSU can lead to number of hardware issues. This tutorial will provide you the symptoms of a faulty PSU.

faulty power supply psu

The failure or a faulty power supply unit can cause large damage to the system. To prevent damage on the computer hardware, it is necessary to detect the symptom earlier and repair or replace it.

 Computer Restarts Randomly

If your computer suddenly shuts down and reboots out of nowhere or without any reason then it may be a symptom of faulty power supply. Fluctuation in power distribution causes these frequent restart.  Computer functions normally when the power signal is within the specified parameters and once it drops below the acceptable limits due to the malfunctioning PSU, the computer starts behaving in a strange way giving rise to number of issues and even damage the system or corrupt files or systems and cause you to lose unsaved work due to random restart.

Non-operation of Power Button

Computers and laptops power on upon pressing a power button. If the computer fails to respond on pressing the power button, then the reason behind the failure may be the malfunctioning of the power button or a faulty PSU. The PSU must have been deteriorated to a level that it fails to communicate with the system motherboard. When the computer starts and shut down the next moment then there is a probability of failing PSU.

Power Failure while Multitasking

Power supply depends on the type and the number programs running at a certain period of time. A high-quality video clip with stereo sound demands more power than reading any page and looking at photos or you can say the more the number of programs, more is the power needed. If the PSU is unable to handle the increased load or support the power demanded, then it forces the system to shut down. If the computer shuts on multitasking, then it is a clear indication of a failing power supply unit.

The symptoms of a failing power supply unit are described above. Upon receiving any kind of symptom regarding a failing PSU take immediate steps to repair it or replace it before it starts damaging to the other units in the computer hardware.


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