Sfc/scannow unable to fix Corrupt files – How to fix it?

System File checker or SFC (sfc/scannow) is not just a command but a healing command to fix the Windows system files that are corrupted. Many issues arise due to corrupted system files, so this command comes in handy to fix or replace the system corrupted files. It works by running a scan on the system and checks for the corrupted files and fixes them instantly without any human intervention. But at times users find that sfc/scannow command fails to fix the corrupt files. Here is the tutorial how you can fix issues corrupted files that are not fixed by sfc/scannow on Windows.

Sfc scanow unable to fix Corrupt files windows

Many Windows errors like Explorer crash, freeze or hangs, etc are been solved using sfc/scannow command. Here is how you can fix the issue with system file checker when it fails to replace or fix corrupt files when it is designed to do so. It is able detect the corrupted files but isn’t able to fix them.

Open Run dialog using Windows + R and type in cmd and hit OK. Right click on the result cmd and select Run as Administrator. In the elevated command prompt, type sfc/scannow and hit enter. It runs a scan and fixes all the corrupted files detected on the system HDD. If you find that some corrupted files are not fixed, you can try the steps below.

sfc scannow

  • If the corrupt file isn’t causing much issue on the system then leave it.
  • Run command chkdsk /f in the command prompt. This runs verification or diagnoses HDD and helps in fixing many issues on the system.
  • Run Anti-malware or Microsoft security Essential on the system.
  • Try Repair Install. Insert the Windows OS disc and reboot your system and select Repair and follow the instructions. But backup your data before you repair OS. Repair OS will fix many issues and replace the corrupted files on the system. On having repaired your OS, run Windows Update manually.
  • Even after trying all the fixes described above you are still unable or say the error or the corrupted files are not fixed then you left with one option that is re-installing of Windows. Back up all your data before your proceed to re-installation.

Hopefully, the steps described above will help you fix the error or the corrupted files that are not fixed by the system file checker on Windows.


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