Quick Steps to Format a Hard Disk Drive on Windows XP

The most believed user-friendly operating system is Windows XP. It is widely used by people at work as well as for the users at home. Windows XP has many applications and features that make work much simpler and easier. If the hard drive on your computer is corrupted, then it needs to be formatted. Here is the tutorial how to format your hard drive disk on your computer.

format hard disk drive windows xp

Formatting a hard drive causes deletion of the files and folders that are contained in the disk drive. So, before you start formatting your computer hard drive make sure that all the files are saved and create a Back- up. Upon formatting there is a risk of losing all the files that are stored in the hard drive if the formatting process goes in a wrong way. Therefore, it is important to keep a back up in case you lose the files or mistakenly deleted you can restore them back. It is good to keep a copy of listed programs that are installed on your device so that you don’t miss out any of the files that are important for proper functioning of the system after re-installing the OS. You can also save the files on the drives that are not to be formatted. Always try to keep a back up or restore point at a point where the system operates properly.

Follow the steps below after you have a back up.

  • Go to My Computer and Right Click on it
  • Select manage to open computer Management window
  • Click Storage option on the left. This will lead open the Disk Management on the right.
  • Double click on Disk Management. All the hard drives on your computer are listed here. You can remove the unwanted partition from the disk that is to be formatted if you want to. Hereby, it is important to carefully save the files before you start with the formatting process in order to avoid the loss of files from your computer.
  • There is also a scope to format a disk selectively that is you can spare what you do not want to format by creating a new partition. In order to create a new partition, right click on the black colored bar that appears and select option New Partition

format hard drive

  • Under the New Partition select Primary Partition and follow the sequence
  • Select maximum option and continue
  • The next step is to assign letters to name the disk and click next
  • Select NTFS for formatting process as it is much safer

After completion of the above process, you need to keep the Windows in running mode as the computer requires some time to complete the formatting process. Upon completion of the formatting process you will get an option finish. Click on finish and now the computer is ready to use. Now install Windows XP by inserting the installation CD and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.

If you are not good at computer basics, then you can consult a computer expert to format the system. Upon following all the above instruction you can easily format your hard disk drive.


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