How to Monitor CPU temperature?

CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of the computer and while it is running, it produces heat. CPU is an electronic device. It is very urgent to remove heat from electronic devices as soon as possible. Otherwise, the internal temperature will be increased. If the device is too hot (internally), then the internal circuits may be damaged or burned. Similarly, if the heat is excessive, then CPU may burn out. CPU monitoring is really an important issue, many users face problems related to overheating. In order to reduce overheat problem associated with CPU it is important to monitor its temperature. Several ways of detecting the heat, speed of hardware are discussed below.

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The new generation computers come with Intel and AMD CPU that are much faster than before, simultaneously the CPU temperature has become more and more high synchronously, if the CPU is too hot, it will damage your computer.

Every CPU has a maximum bearable temperature, which is set by its manufacturer. If CPU temperature is beyond that bearable temperature, the following problems may occur easily.

  • The lifespan of CPU is reduced.
  • CPU freezes randomly
  • CPU resets randomly and your computer restarts.
  • Lastly, CPU can burn.

In order to avoid the above-mentioned problems, you need to measure your CPU current temperature. You need a CPU temperature monitoring program in order to measure what your current CPU temperature is.



There are three basic ways to measure the temperature of CPU and motherboard, they are discussed below.

1. Through the BIOS:

In order to check CPU temperature, irrespective of OS, you need to enter the BIOS of your computer. BIOS are referred to as System or Setup.

Follow the following steps to check or measure CPU temperature or motherboard temperature or System temperature.

  • Firstly, power on your computer or restart your computer if you have already powered on your computer.
  • Press Del key or F2 key to Enter BIOS depending on the type of motherboard. If you don’t know the actual key then just after the boot up of your computer, press Pause or Break key on your computer keyboard. Now, read the lower writings or instruction that appears on your monitor to access BIOS.
  • After accessing BIOS, navigate to PC Health Status or System Health or Sensor or something similar. From here, you can easily figure out CPU temperature, motherboard temperature or system temperature, etc.

 2. Through Motherboard Software:

Every motherboard has at least one CD which contains the drivers’ software or other necessary software of your computer. You need the software of your own motherboard company. If you don’t have the CD, you may download them from the Internet as there are many motherboard manufacturers in the market. The software of one brand or model does not support the other brand or model.

Software such as motherboard monitoring software, CPU temperature monitoring software, fan speed monitoring software, etc. is availed in this motherboard CD. Install the motherboard monitoring software residing in the Motherboard folder. Further, on browsing your motherboard CD, you will easily make out that there is different software for Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 or Linux. You just need to install it according to your OS and hence, you can easily monitor to CPU temperature or motherboard temperature or system temperature.

 3. Through other Third party Software:

You can also measure or monitor CPU temperature easily by using another third party software instead of using your motherboard manufacturer’s software.

Nowadays, there are much software available in the market which can measure CPU temperature. Most of the cases it is seen that this software are not only capable to measure CPU temperature, but also capable to do lot of other things like measuring temperature of motherboard, CPU voltage, CPU speed, etc.

The software can also be easily downloaded from the internet. Software like CPU Thermometer, core temp, Everest, AIDA64 (extreme edition of Everest), etc. can be used for monitoring the CPU temperature. Click on the links to download them (free trial).

This is all about CPU temperature monitoring. With the help of the above-mentioned suggestion you can easily measure and monitor the temperature along with CPU speed and prevent overheating of the system.


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