Hard Drive not Responding to Commands – How to fix it?

Does your computer fail to respond to any of the commands? The hard drive failing to respond can cause these errors. You keep on trying various commands but still your system fails to respond, then it may be indicating a failing hard drive. The hard drive stores all the basic entities needed on your system. Due to corrupt hard drive many other serious issues occur on your computer. Follow the tutorial to fix Hard drive not responding to Commands issue.

hard disk drive not responding
When you find that your system fails to respond try running SeaTools. The SeaTools for DOS is a comprehensive, easy-to-use diagnostic tool that will allow you to determine what is preventing you from accessing data on your computer or notebook PC easily and quickly. It includes various tests which will examine the physical media on your hard disk drive and any other disk drive. This is compatible with both the old (text) and new (GUI) version.

To access the SeaTools for DOS, simply download it to the bootable CD image version. Insert the CD into your computer and run it to see what exactly the problem is.

If the sea tools mention that drive fails to respond, then it clearly indicates a failed hard drive disk.  If the RAM is recently full, then also the same error occurs. Shortage in the disk space causes the HDD to fail.

If the RAM or the Hard disk is the sure culprit behind this issue, then it’s high time to get a new Hard disk drive. Visit your manufacturer’s site and search for the compatible hard drive disk by entering the make and model of your system.

Once you get the new hard drive disk, open the system and remove the failed HDD and replace it with the new hard drive disk. Now, boot into your system you will find that the PC is simply running fine. If you want to restore the data from the failed HDD, then follow this post.

By replacing the failed drive with a new one you can fix the issue of HDD not responding to commands.


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