Computer Sound not Working after Reformatting – How to fix it?

Is the sound on your computer not working after reformatting? Here are some useful tips that can help you to fix the problem. It is a common problem faced by many PC users. If previously you were using the same operating system and then the system sound worked as they should be doing and after reformatting with the same OS the sound is gone, then you just need to follow the tutorial given below.

No sound

Procedure 1:

Go to the Start menu, click on the control panel option and then click on the sound, speech, audio devices option there comes a troubleshooter option. Click on to the sound option under Troubleshooters tab, a Help and Support center window pops out relating different issues associated with sound. Click the issue on which you are facing a problem and click next option at the bottom of the window.

sound device

It provides different options related to sound, click on the option and the troubleshooter provides different solution regarding what is needed to be done. Follow the steps provided by the help center.

Even after following the instructions provided by the troubleshooter, your problem persists then try the second procedure.

Procedure 2:

Right click on My Computer, select Manage option then select Device Manager. Under the device manager,  different options appears . Double click on the Sound, video and game controller. On clicking on to the  option, click on the Realtek High Definition Audio option or any other audio driver that is installed in your system. A window appears relating the properties of the driver and find out whether the device driver is operating properly or not, if not then try the troubleshoot option present there.

Manage computer

The troubleshooter helps you to search the issue related to device and provides solution relating to it. In case the device is not working properly, but you are still unable to hear sound from your PC ,then you just need to download the respective driver for your PC. But, if the device is working properly, then the hardware is to be suspected.

To get the respective driver for your PC, visit your system manufacturers website and find out the suitable audio driver for your PC and download it from the website if available or you can download the same driver from other websites or get it from the dealer from where you have purchased your PC. After getting the audio driver, install it properly. After Installing, find out whether the Audio system of your PC is working properly or not.

You can also find your device configuration and other info regarding the type of driver installed in your computer by downloading Belarc Advisor from After downloading Belarc Advisor, it will provide you all the information regarding your system. You can now directly find out the type of audio driver present in the system and download it from the web accordingly. There are different audio drivers for different Operating System so you need to get the appropriate audio driver for your computer.

The problem relating to system sound will be fixed after following these procedures. If the problem persists then you just need to contact the concerned dealer from where you have bought the PC to fix the problem.


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