Computer Freezes while playing Games and Watching Videos – How to fix it?

Does your computer freeze while playing games and watching videos? This is a common problem faced by many user. Computer freezing causes the system to hang for minutes or the monitor screen appears black or no functioning of any keys on the keyboard. The possible reason behind freezing of your computer  are discussed below along with the solution to fix the problem.

computer freeze

When computer freezes, before taking a major step in order to fix this issue, you must look at the following basic points:

  • First check to make sure that your computer has the video and sound drivers updated. Those are the two most important things to update.
  • Check whether you have the correct Direct X version loaded for the particular game that your playing.
  • Run a antivirus scan and a antispyware scan on your system to clean out any Trojans and/or infected files.
  • Check the games web sites for latest updates and patches.
  • Disable some programs that might be running in the background which may freeze the system.

For disabling the programs follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up Task Manager.
  2.  Click the Processes tab and select the program you want to stop from the list.
  3. Click the End Process button to stop the program. You’ll want to stop any program that is running under your “profile” in the Process tab.

If even after trying the above steps the problem isn’t fixed then you need to follow other methods to fix it which are mentioned later in this tutorial.

 Possible reasons of Computer freezing are:

1. Overheating of CPU or GPU.

2. Failure of Power supply unit (PSU’s).

3. Hardware Error.

4. Video card or graphics card error.

5. Malware issues.

 Solution To fix this problem

1. Overheating

Firstly, you need to check the system temperature by installing software like AIDA64,etc. If the temperature is above normal, then open up the system case and start verifying whether your system fans are working properly or not. Most likely the heating is due to improper exhaust of hot air or failure of hot sink or due to dust accumulation. Clean up the dust over the CPU fan and other hardware components or replace the faulty parts from the system.

2. Failure of PSU

Sometimes, the power supply unit (PSU) fails to operate which cause the system to hang or freeze. If this is the case, then you just have to replace the PSU with a new one.

3. Hardware error

On opening the case and verifying, you find that there is a faulty RAM or any other hardware component not working properly, then you have to replace it.

4. Graphics or video card or driver Error

Go to Start and then open control panel -> System -> click on Hardware tab and click on Device Manager. Now in the Display Adapter, it would tell you the manufacture, make and model of the video or graphics driver. Same for the sound, its under Sound,Video and Game Controller heading. It’s not any of the Legacy or Audio drivers, but should be a manufactures like Creative Lab or ESS Technology or Advance Logic ’97 or something to that effect. Then go to Google type in the name,make and or model and do a search for the manufactures web site to find out the correct driver for your computer and install it.

If the problem exists with the graphics card or video card, then you need to replace it.

5. Malware issues

Sometimes, it is due to the virus or other malware that the system freezes. So, all you need to do is to run an anti-virus program and scan the system. It would remove the virus and make your system retrieve from freezing.

Even after following the above steps, if the problem persists, then you need to change the hardware or the motherboard or just contact your manufacturer and try to solve the problem as directed by them.


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