Windows 8 – How to Turn On or Off & Manage Bluetooth Connectivity

As we all are aware of the fact that Windows 8 usability is not the same as compared with the earlier version of Windows OS, especially for the novice. A new user has to spare some time to get with the new OS. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how you can turn Bluetooth On/ Off in Windows 8.turn on off manage bluetooth windows 8With the development in technology many new software’s, devices, etc. are available to mankind to perform tasks more easily. Bluetooth technology is that feature that allows you to connect to your system with the other being wireless. You can connect mouse, headphones, earpieces, keyboards and even mobile devices. But enabling the Bluetooth all the time when not even in use drains a lot of power when you are running devices operating on battery.

Well here is how you can disable and enable Bluetooth whenever you need in Windows 8.

In Windows 7, to turn on or off Bluetooth was possible from the system tray. However, managing Bluetooth in Windows 8 is much more user friendly.

Steps to Turn On or Off Bluetooth in Windows 8

  • Press Windows + C or hover your mouse to the lower right of the screen to bring up the charms bar

Charms Bar Settings

  • Next, click on Settings charm
  • Go to Change PC Settings at the bottom
  • Now Click on Wireless in left pane under PC settings

bluetooth on

  • In right pane under Wireless Devices, you will find Bluetooth, drag the slider to right to turn it ON or towards left to turn it OFF.

Now whenever you want to operate or connect any device using Bluetooth, follow the simple steps here to turn it On and disable it when not needed.

Steps to Manage a Bluetooth Connection

  • Again Press Windows + C to open charms bar
  • Go to Settings charm > Change PC Settings > Devices

manage bluetooth

  • To add a device, simply Click on Add a Device and the pairing process begins.

That’s all. Bluetooth device can now be easily managed.

The tutorial here is for the beginners who are new top Windows 8 interface, to make them acquainted with the new Interface. Upon following the tutorial here you can now easily Turn On or Off Bluetooth and easily manage them in Windows 8.


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