Use USB Device to Boost Up Computer Speed

Are you tired of your slow performing computer? Many of times your computer runs slower than earlier times due to various factors. Slow performing computer are a real headache. This causes distraction from work and frustrates the user. You may wish that your computer would run as fast as it was at the time of purchase. Follow the tutorial to know how you can boost up your computer performance using USB devices.

increase computer speed

With the advancement of technologies there are certain methodologies to increase the speed of your computer. So, no need to worry if you have a slow or old computer. Now you can speed your computer performance using external drives like USB devices such as pen drives, memory cards, etc.

The simpler ways to increase the speed of your computer is either by using third party software or manually adjust the computer.

Using a Software to Boost Computer Speed

There are many types of software that can be used to enhance the performance of your computer. For example EBoostr, Ready Boost, etc.

Ready Boost was developed by Microsoft for Windows Vista and 7. It is a disk cache component and works using an external drive or flash memory, a USB, memory card or any kind of portable flash mass storage system as a cache. To start the application just plug-in your USB device or memory card into your PC. Upon inserting the USB drives the auto play option appears if not, go to start and type ready boost and the app appears displaying a message Speed up my system. Click on the message and the system starts running it. Select cache size, Auto play and other options. Now whenever there is no enough space in your hard disk, it will go to cache of your Pen drive.

EBoostr is another software designed to make your computer faster. Unlike ready boost it works well with Windows XP along with Windows vista, 7. Its features are user friendly that is easy to use and an auto-configuration wizard which will help you get up to speed within no time. This software can be uninstalled and reinstalled for use after the expiry of the free version.

How to Manually Increase Page File Size to Boost Computer Speed

You can manually set your computer to increase the speed of your computer. Follow the steps given below to do so.

  • Click on Start
  • Right click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced
  • Click on Performance and then go to Advanced. In the next window select the Advanced Tab and then on the Change button
  • Now select the Pendrive or Memory Card and choose the Option Custom Size
  • Enter the Initial size and Maximum size with the required Size basing on the space availability and Click on OK

Upon completion you can notice that your computer runs with a great speed.
The above methods are useful even if you have a less capacity RAM. You can also upgrade your system RAM to boost the speed and performance of your computer.


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