Use Laptop to access Hard drive disk of other Computers

If you have something stored on your computer hard disk and when you think of using the data you need to log into your computer. Now, you can access the computer disk drive from your laptop itself. Here is the tutorial how you can access another computer hard disk drives from your laptop.

access folder computer laptop

You can access all your data from the computer using your laptop if both the systems are connected over the same network. But, you can access only those drives and folders that are shared on a network.

You can access the folders that are shared but sometimes the folders are password protected for security issues or you can only read, and not write or modify, any files in that folder. The folders that are shared over a network are available by your laptop and use it. To use those folders from your laptop, go to Start menu and then to Control Panel and select either the Network Center (Vista) or Network Connections (XP).

share folder computer

For Windows Vista, hit the computer icon under the Network window there you can see whether any folders or disk drives are available.

For Windows XP, the shared resources can be seen listed directly under the My Network Places window.

Now, to access a specific folder, double-click to open it and access it in a normal way as you would have done with the data stored on your laptop hard drive. On clicking the folder all the contents of that folder are displayed on the screen.
If the shared folder is password-protected, you’re prompted for the pass word. So you need to provide a password in order to access the folder.

Upon opening of the network folder you can access files in the folder as easy way as it were on your computer. Some folders can be shared as read-only and those files or folders are debarred from any change that is the files and folders cannot be renamed or deleted or their contents modified.

Share folders over a trust worthy network etiquette and make sure to close the network folder when you have completed your work. If by mistake you haven’t closed the folder, a connection still exists between your laptop and the computer sharing that folder. This will cause errors and shows an error message when the network connection is disconnected or the other computer disconnects from the network. There even involves the risk of data theft if any outsider gains the access on your computer or network.

By this way you can access folders from other computer using another laptop or a second computer.


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