Troubleshoot Issue – No Audio, No Sound device Detected on Windows PC

One fine day when you turned On your system to your utter surprise there was no audio or sounds played at start up or on playing video there was no audio. There can be various reasons of audio not playing on Windows. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix the issues with no sound.

fix windows audio sounds

The sound issues can be caused either due to corrupted drivers or sound drivers missing, faulty sound card or system speakers, etc. When you find that your system is muted, you can carry out the following steps to resolve issues with system sound.

Firstly, you should check whether the devices and the drivers installed or responsible for system sound are functioning properly. This can be checked from the Device manager. To open device manager, go to Computer or My Computer desktop icon and select Manage from right click context menu. This will open computer management; here select device manager and all the devices installed on PC are listed under it.

computer management

To check the audio or sound on Windows, click on sound, video and game controller. Now click on all the devices listed under it and verify whether all the devices are working properly or not. If any devices states for now working properly, you can either go for troubleshoot or update the drivers.

Sometimes the device seems to work fine under device manager but is actually not working under properly when seen under Sounds and Audio Devices, in this case you can follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Control panel and open Administrative Tools > Services
  • In services window, navigate to Windows Audio
  • If the status at Startup type is set to Disabled or Manual then click on it and change to Automatic

windows audio services

  • Click on apply button to apply the changes made.
  • Now, again go to Sounds and Audio Devices and hit the Volume Tab. Check the box representing the option Place Volume Icon in the Task Bar and hit apply.

show sound icon taskbar

  • Next, double click the sounds icon on the system taskbar and check the sound volumes are mid-way or higher.

Alternatively, you can try deleting all the devices under Sound, video and game controllers in Device Manager and restart the system. Often errors with device are fixed by Windows, on reboot Windows re-installs the drivers and ensures a proper functioning of the devices.

If the Sound card appears to be a faulty one then it’s time for its replacement. You can contact your manufacturer if the problem persists.

The tutorial here is all about resolving issues with No Sound/Audio on Windows PC.


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