Slow Data Transfer Speed in USB Drive in Windows – How to fix it?

USB drive has definitely become one of the major medium through which data is transferred to and from the computers. Sometimes while transferring data through pen drive or any other external device you feel like the speed should be more. The speed of data transfer depends on the type of USB drive and its performance. To boost the speed of data transfer for the Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft has recently introduced new software named Hotfix.

USB Logo The Hotfix by Microsoft is basically known as Hotfix KB2581464 and is specially designed to improve the speed and performance of data transfer from the USB storage devices in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating Systems. It enables the user to increase the data transfer size of USB storage devices, which is normally 64KB to 2MB. This can be downloaded from Microsoft Support website and comes with an automatic update service.

Upon the completion of download, install this update to your computer. Once installation is complete you can feel the increased speed and performance of USB storage devices.To proceed further follow the steps discussed below.

  • Click Start and then in the Start Search box type regedit and then press Enter. Registry entries of the system will appear. Look for the registry subkey- HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\usbstor\VVVVPPPP among the registry list. VVVV represents device descriptor idVendor in hexadecimal and PPPP represents device descriptor idProduct in hexadecimal
  • Click on the subkey
  • Click on the Edit option, and from this simply point to New, and then click DWORDValue
  • After clicking on it, it will ask you to type MaximumTransferLength, and after providing your desired transfer length press Enter
  • Again click Edit, and then click Modify

increase usb transfer size

  • After clicking Modify, a Value data box appears, in which you have to type a value to specify the maximum transfer size between 64KB and 2MB. For example, you select Decimal and type a value between 65535 (64K) and 2097120 (2M)
  • Upon completion of the above procedure, simply exit the Registry Editor.

The above procedure is little critical as it involves changing of registry entries. So, if only you feel any issue with the performance of the USB storage drives, then only apply this Hotfix otherwise there is no need for it as it is little complex for a new user. You can download  HotFix by clicking the link. This will boost the speed as well as the performance of the data transfer on your computer.


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