How to Share Files Between Two Computers in Windows Vista?

If you have two computers and want to share a file or folder or drive between them or you have a file or folder on your computer and want to share them on your laptop, this can be easily achieved if you are connected on the Internet network. Now, follow the instructions given below in order to share files between 2 Computers having Windows Vista operating system.

shared folder

Click on start -> click on Control panel -> select the Network and Internet connection icon -> Network and Sharing Center. You can also access it by clicking the network icon on the tray from the taskbar and then click Network and Sharing Center. On opening the center, you will find the network you are connected currently and under that you will find the title Sharing and Discovery. Turn on Network Discovery, File Sharing and public folder sharing. Make sure you do the same thing in the computer or laptop that you want to share files with.

network sharing center vista

To view the computers that are available on your network, click on start and network or go to start and click on control panel, then select Network and Internet connection and click View Network Computers and Devices. Here you will be able to see your computer and other computers that are connected to this network with public file sharing mode.

Now, all the files that are in the public user are shared across the network. You can see these folders and files from C drive/users/public (or from the drive where windows is installed). To share a file you can just copy the file and paste it under the folder public.

public folders under network

Share files and folders from anywhere by changing its properties

You can also share files and folders from anywhere by changing the sharing properties of the files and folders. To change its Properties, right click on the files or folders that you want to share and click Properties. Go to Sharing tab and click Share.

folder share properties

Change Permissions in File Sharing

On the file sharing window, click the drop down menu or arrow and select Guest and click Add. Click Share at the bottom of the window and it will close. By default, the guest will have the permission to view and if you want to give access to full access or change, click Advanced Sharing from the Sharing tab and click Permissions. Select Guest and choose the permission setting you would like to give and click OK.

Now you can see that folder under your PC apart from public in Network folder. To stop sharing these files, Click Sharing from the properties, Click share and click stop sharing.

file sharing propertiesPassword Protection

To provide better protection to your publicly shared files you can password protect them or if you are sharing folders in a network where there are couple of computers and you would selectively share folders then you can opt for password protection. You can activate Password Protection from Network and Sharing Center. Now while accessing the shared folders from another computer, you need to use the User account and Password that is already there in your computer.

Upon completion with your file sharing, make sure to turn off the network discovery and file sharing option. On following the above mentioned steps you can now easily share your Computer files and folders with other Computers.


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