Search which Program are Currently Accessing your Hard Disk

The programs that are running on computer uses the hard disk and the CPU resources. The programs that are kept active access the hard disk. But, there are some other unknown programs that run off screen and access your hard disk resource. Do you want to know which programs are accessing your computer hard disk? Here is the tutorial to find out which are the programs accessing your hard disk currently.

search programs accessing hard disk

Some computers have LED flashing to indicate the hard disk activity. The programs that are accessing the hard disk can be seen on the desktop itself. If you are using word for writing, then it’s the Microsoft Word that is using the hard disk. It is the browser cache that uses the hard disk while browsing internet and saving files or images. If you care watching a video or listening to the music, then it is the media files.

The programs that are active are known to use the hard drive disk, but what about the programs that arerunning off-screen. They are equally using the hard disk. You might have noticed that while you are sitting idle on the desktop the LED keeps on blinking. This may be due to the programs running off screen. It is possible to find the exact process that is accessing the hard drive.

It is possible to detect and find out about hard disk activity in real-time via Resource Monitor tool in Windows. Windows Resource Monitor provides an outline about the usage of hardware like CPU, memory, disk, and network and software resources in real time. This feature is available in Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS. It is known as Reliability and Performance Monitor in Windows Vista. Follow the steps below to find the hard disk activity.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Esc to open the Task Manager
  • Select the Performance tab
  • Locate the Resource Monitor button at the bottom and click it to open Resource Monitor

task manager resource monitor

Upon opening of the Resource Monitor, click on the Disk tab. Here you can see all processes that are currently using the hard disk, along with their PID and how many bytes are being read and written per second. The information displayed here is real-time and updates every second.

If you find difficulty in identifying the names of the processes then do not alter anything there as it may cause errors on the computer. In that case, the alternate way is by using the free utility called What’s My Computer Doing?

What’s My Computer Doing is a freeware tool which will provide detailed information about all programs that are accessing your hard disk and CPU at any time. You can also get detailed information about the programs using hard disk or CPU.

Whats My Computer Doing

You can also get additional information such as the name of the program, where it resides on the hard disk, last access time, when it was installed and when it was started. You can directly terminate any process using the tool. It can also verify the authenticity of the program by checking the program’s signature (digital certificate, maybe) against a list of known programs on getting connected to the Internet. The utility program also allows you to scan the program that is accessing your hard drive using online antivirus or malware scanner.

This utility program is useful in getting the programs that are accessing your computer without your concern.


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