Safely Disconnect External Drives on Windows without using Safely Remove Hardware

Every time you use an external USB on Windows it is highly recommended to use the Safe Removal option from the system tray. But, due to some error on the system the Safely Remove Hardware option doesn’t respond or some users don’t like wasting time clicking rather unplug the USB device. This can cause some other errors too. Follow the tutorial to quickly unplug the USB devices without using the Safe Removal option.

safely remove usb without safely removing option

The Safely Removal Hardware option is necessary to ensure that Windows is not accessing the USB drive when you are trying to remove it, as the sudden removal can corrupt a data or even damage a drive. But, due to certain malware activities the USB device are prevented from safe removal. Now, you can quickly remove a USB flash drive or hard drive without first clicking Safely Remove Hardware in the System Tray without the loss of any data or destroying your system hard drive.

To achieve this follow the steps described below.

  • Firstly, insert your USB drive into your PC, then launch Device Manager either from the computer icon or from Start > search > Device Manager.
  • Expand Disk Drives, then navigate down to the entry for your removable drive and double-click on your USB device or right-click the entry, then click Properties
  • Go to the Policies tab and select the first option Quick removal (default)

quick removal usb

  • Click Ok and close the window.

If the first option, is already selected then you can remove the device without using the safely remove option. Upon enabling the option you can quickly remove the USB drive without clicking on the notification icon and waiting for the Safely Remove hardware option. This will save time and prevent your computer from any damage or deletion of data and prevent corruption of your hard drive, thereby reducing the errors on your computer.

You can also add the Safely Remove Hardware option to your context menu, which will allow you to remove the hardware easily with just a right click.

Upon following the instruction given above you can easily remove the external device quickly without using the safely remove option.


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