Realtek pop-up on Windows startup – How to fix it?

Do you get annoying Realtek pop-up on booting your PC? The pop may seem like Realtek blue box with the crab symbol. Generally any kind of pop-up on the computer annoys users and is really irritating if the pop-ups are frequent. The pop-ups are generally caused due to missing drivers or there is some kind of errors involved with the sound device. Here is the tutorial how you can fix the issue.

Realtek pop-up windows startup

To fix the issues with the Realtek the basic step is to check for the system properties or say the device manager to verify whether the Realtek has encountered any problem or not. Right click on My Computer > Manage > Device Manager > Sound, video, Game controllers > Realtek High Definition Audio.

computer management

Try troubleshooting option there to solve the issue. If the problem persists, go to system configuration and look at the programs listed there. To do so, go to Start menu and open RUN dialog box or press Windows key + R to open the RUN dialog box and type in msconfig and list the Realtek listed in the Startup. There are some programs that can cause the pop-ups at the startup and those are listed below.

  • Realtek HD Audio Sound Effect Manager
  • Realtek A297 Audio – Event Monitor
  • Realtek HD Sound Manager

Try un-checking all the startup related to Realtek or those listed above. Reboot the computer system and see if you get the same pop-ups at startup. The pop-ups will no longer be seen hopefully.

But, before unchecking the start up programs try installing the sound drivers that is compatible with your system. You can download those drivers from the manufacturer’s website by simply typing the make and model on the manufacturer’s website. Download it and then install it. The pop-ups can occur due to the outdated or missing driver.
Also see whether the system speakers are plugged into the PC properly or not. Sometimes plugging issues can generate pop-ups.

Generally the pop-ups at the startup can be avoided by simply un-checking the programs related to Realtek program. This will not cause any errors with your sound system, but will definitely stop all the Realtek pop-ups at startup.


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