Computer Rage – How to Overcome it?

Working intensely on an important document on your computer, and all of a sudden, the webpage seems to take much more time to load than before or the mouse pointer freezes or continuous error message appears on the screen, at that point of time you get annoyed and out of frustration you feel like hitting your computer or throw away some rude behavior to the PC or even feel like throwing away the whole system, then you are a victim of computer rage. Here is the tutorial to overcome the issue.

computer rage

Computer rage is a sensitive physiological reaction associated with feelings of anger and frustration resulting from using a computer or other complex electronic device. It may result in the physical assault and damage of the computer or similar item, possibly leading to the device incurring more damage than it had before. Upon trying to fix, the problem keeps on repeating itself this develops the anger and frustration on the computer and other related devices that do not function properly is known as computer rage.

Computer rage is very common among computer and video game players, when the user repeatedly loses or is unable to reach his or her game target. One of the most common causes of such rage is the appearance of the blue screen of death, which occurs when an error is encountered in the MS Windows, which is critical and non-recoverable in nature, and which eventually leads the system to crash. If this is the case, then the system needs to be rebooted that is the most annoying factor and leads to frustration.

Different Ways to Overcome Computer Rage

Computer rage or anger caused due to computer trouble not only leads to frustration of the employees, but also causes interruption in the work schedule, ultimately failing to meet the deadlines, which can further anger clients, and result in financial damages. To avoid such losses you need to overcome from this. Here are some ways to overcome the computer rage.

When you feel like hitting your computer or get irritated upon it the first thing is to keep yourself calm and quiet. Calm down and then look at the computer and try to sort out the actual culprit behind the problem rather than getting angry. Try to look at things from a different perspective. You may be surprised to find the solution was right there in front of you, but you did not realize it because your mind was so clouded with anger.

To avoid any type of anger always keep a backup of all your files. Store files online or transfer all necessary data onto CDs and DVDs. So even if the system crashes down, you can always retrieve your files even if the hard drive has to be formatted.

Upon failing to figure out the problem try to contact the technical support for help or contact a computer expert who will be able to resolve the problem. If you face the same problem regularly, get to know the correct debugging and troubleshooting techniques. A little IT knowledge will always prove helpful, and you could even solve the problem yourself, instead of waiting for the tech support to show up.

Nowadays, the computer usage is very frequent. Control the computer rage before it controls you. Learn some basic ways to fix the issue and ensure a better functioning computer.


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