Laptop freezes on connecting to LAN – How to Resolve it?

Does your laptop freeze upon connecting to LAN? The reason behind the issue may lie either in the laptop or in the software. The laptop seems to work properly, but once you are connected to LAN the laptop freezes or hangs. The problem associated with the freezing can be resolved by following the instructions described below.

computer freezes

If you have recently installed new OS in your laptop, then this may be the cause behind the issue. Most of the Operating System doesn’t support the laptop configuration. The OS can be installed easily, but some of the software becomes incompatible with it which leads several issues one of them is freezing of laptop upon connection to LAN.

Always install OS that is compatible with your laptop. Make sure to install all the drivers that are essential for the motherboard as well as Windows of your laptop to function properly. Keep all the drivers updated. Check for the Network drivers that includes Ethernet and WLAN working properly or not. Install the Intel chipset drivers upon installing a new OS. Download any drivers according to your windows Operating System be it 32 bits or 64 bits. Altering the OS has caused issues like been discussed.

Even malwares or virus can cause this kind of problem. Malwares that affect network connectivity usually do so globally, i.e. you wouldn’t be able to access the internet at all or have limited connectivity because your hosts file would have been rewritten or tampered by them. Therefore, it is necessary to have an anti-virus program installed in your system. If you already have one, then try scanning your system. Upon completion of scanning you can download malware bytes and run it in your PC and resolve the issue.

Update your system BIOS and see if the problem persists or not. You can also try dusting your hardware by a canned compressed air.

Try connecting to LAN in safe mode and see whether the laptop hangs or not. If no issue prevails in the safe mode then it’s most likely to be a driver issue. Check whether the drivers installed in the laptop are properly functioning or not. Figure out the driver that is not working properly and fix it. Try to keep all the drivers updated all the time.

If you are unable to connect to LAN even in the safe mode, then the network card or the drivers installed in it are the culprit. Download or repair all the necessary chipset or driver and then install them in the system and verify whether the freezing prevails or not.

After trying all the above-mentioned instructions if the freezing persists then you need to reinstall the Operating system. Even after doing this if the problem persists then it might be the hardware issue. Consult a computer expert or try to open the case by yourself if you have a good knowledge about the computer hardware. Look for the defects in the system architecture and fix them. If some hardware needs to be replaced then do it without spending much time in fixing in it.


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