How to Improve Lagging Mouse Response?

Mouse is an integral input device essential for interacting with the computer. If you are not a geek in operating your computer via keyboard, then you are the one who will be facing a lot of difficulties when trying to select an item and you can’t. This event not only frustrates you, but also decreases the concentration while working on the computer. On clicking on an item it takes a while to respond to the click this is the symptom of lagging mouse response. A proper operating mouse will give the freedom to use the computer on your own way. The reason behind delayed response of your computer mouse and how to improve its response are described in this tutorial.

improve slow mouse response

In order to interact with the computer we need an input unit that may be a keyboard or the mouse, etc. If you are not a computer wizard then you may not access the computer fully. Look at the possible causes given below that can be the culprit behind the delayed response of mouse.

Mostly delayed response of mouse is caused due to connection error or slow running computer. Some other causes are as follows.

Mouse Cable

Examine the mouse’s cable for a loose connection. Loosely connected cable can make the mouse jump all over the screen. To fix the jumping mouse unplug the cable and plug it back in and make sure that the connection is not loose.

Verify Mouse Settings

Sometimes due to default settings the mouse performs slowly or you might have altered the mouse settings this can have impact on how it operates. To check the mouse settings, click on Start > Computer > Click Hardware > Mouse, to get to the mouse settings. In the mouse settings, you can alter the speed of the double-click by simply sliding the bar over. This changes the speed at which you have to click the mouse to select items. Try changing the other settings too in the mouse settings to see if they improve its performance and get rid of the slow mouse.

mouse properties

Too Many Tasks

The mouse response can also be affected due to the number of programs running on your computer. Running a number of programs simultaneously not only causes the mouse to slow down, but also the computer. You can fix the problem by running the programs that are needed at the point.

Disk Defragmentation

After using the computer over an extended period of time, your computer accumulates many files that are unnecessary. Upon deleting any file or program it still remains on the hard drive. The accumulation of such files keeps on increasing as time passes.  After a certain period of time, the added files start affecting the computer performance. So this can be the reason of delayed response of mouse. When you find that this is the case on your computer, defragmenting the hard disk can rescue you from the slow response of computer. To start this process, click on Start and in the search box type Defragment or Disk Defragmenter and hit Enter. This will defragment the hard drive and will neatly organize files, thereby making the computer and the mouse run more smoothly and quickly.

Hard Disk Cleanup

If the computer’s hard drive is full then the mouse can be lagging. To improve the mouse performance disk cleanup is necessary. Remove the useless files with Disk Cleanup. To begin click Start and in the search box type Disk Cleanup. Click Disk Cleanup when it appears in the search results. Select the C: hard drive and click OK.  Finally, click OK at the bottom of the screen. Click Delete files to remove them. On cleaning the hard drive you will find that the computer performance has been improved along with the computer.


All the computer operation and programs depends on the RAM. It can equally have an impact on the mouse as it is responsible for completing the processes. If the storage capacity of the RAM is too low, then it can struggle to complete a task. On clicking on an icon the system sits idly for seconds before preceding any action, in this case the RAM is the culprit not the mouse. To fix the issue you have to install an extra RAM on your computer.

The above discussed information will hopefully remove the sluggish behavior of the mouse and improve the response.


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