How to Create Partition in USB Drive?

Nowadays, USB devices like pen drives, etc. are used to carry important data easily. Pen drives are small and portable that can easily transfer large amount of data in your pocket. Its storage capacity varies from 2 GB to 32 GB, but the demerit is that it does not come with partition. Follow the tutorial to know how to partition your pen drive and keep your data protected others who are using your pen drive.

create usb partition

Pen drives are recognized as a removable device by our computer and neither have any option for partitioning the disk space. But, now you can create partition on pen drives by creating a set of drivers of your own. You can store and protect valuable information and personal data hidden from other users that are using the same pen drive and maintain privacy along with protecting your valuable information from any viruses upon plugging it to another PC.

To create a Partition on your USB device, follow the methods given here.

Create partition with Ease us Software

EaseUS Partition Master utility program works with removable storage devices like pen drives, etc. The various other features of using Ease us are resize or move partition, copy partition, create partition, format, delete or wipe partition for USB flash drive, memory card, SD card, etc.

  • Download the appropriate version of Ease us and install it.
  • Click to launch the program

easeus partition manager

  • Select the partition on the USB flash drive.
  • Right click the selected partition and select Resize/Move partition
  • Drag the boundary of the partition to any size you want
  • Click on Apply to get a partition in your USB.

Create partition with Fbinst Tool

First, Backup all the data on your USB Flash Drive

  • Download Fbinst Tool .
  • Extract the downloaded archive.
  • Execute FbinstTool.exe and you will get a User Account Control Dialog Box. Click Yes.
  • Change the language of the user interface to English

The alternate way to Partition an External USB Hard Drive is through the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Open MMC by typing mmc in the Windows search in the command prompt.

Click the add snap-in key on the File Menu. And add the Disk Management snap-in to the bottom right click in the disk in the short-cut menu of disks provided to the user. The short-cut menu provides different choices related to the partitioning of the hard drive.

Upon following any of the above methods you can easily create new partitions on your USB drive and protect the valuable data from others. But, make sure to keep a back up for all the data before partitioning.


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