Print Screen Key not Working – How to fix it?

Is the Print Screen key on your keyboard not working? Here is the tutorial to fix the issue. Many users very often find that simple functions on a computer don’t work properly. Print Screen key is one of them. Many computers or laptop users have the habit to operate the system completely through the keyboard. Many shortcut keys are provided on the computer keyboard with the help of which many functions can be performed directly without using the mouse. Print screen is one such key on the keyboard which can easily take a screenshot of your desktop. This has many useful features which are later described in this tutorial.

print screen key

This key is useful for taking image of your whole desktop screen. The key can easily capture the screen full of errors shown on Windows which can be recorded for future reference to sort out any kind of issue. It is also useful while in taking a webpage snapshot as a record for any further preference. If by any chance the print screen key isn’t working then here is the tutorial to fix the screen capture problem.

Boot Issues

Improper booting of a computer can be the culprit behind non functioning of the print screen key. Restart your computer and see the keyboard feature problem is resolved.

Special Keys

If the print screen on your laptop is not functioning, then you can try pressing the function key along with print screen key. This shortcut is not known by many users so this might be helpful to laptop users. Another such key is F lock key that comes in many keyboard. If the F lock is turned on, the print screen functionality may get disabled. Turning off the F lock key will restore functionality.

Use of Snipping Tools

snipping tool

Snipping tool is a special type of tool introduced by Microsoft in Windows 7 and vista. This tool helps in taking the screenshots of whole or part of the desktop. It also helps you to crop certain parts when taking a screenshot. To find the snipping tool go to start then to All Programs and then to Accessories and select Snipping Tool.


Since the snipping tool is absent in windows XP operating System you can take the screen shot by prior to print screen key by downloading a software named Gadwin. It is a freeware utility that can easily get screenshots of your computer screen. Some of the other screenshot capture programs which you could use are Screenshot Capture View 5.6, Captor, SnapDraw and Screen Grab Pro. This is not really a fix of the print screen problem, but an alternative way to take the screenshots in order to save time for you.

Hardware Issue

Some hardware issue can be the cause of key failure that may be in the keyboard. The keyboard print screen key may have got damaged. In that case the keyboard needs to be replaced.

The above-mentioned instructions would resolve the print screen issue.


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