Fix NTVDM.exe Errors that Seizes the Processor Usage

Does your computer give error mentioning ntvdm.exe has generated errors and you need to restart the program? Here is the tutorial to fix the ntvdm.exe error. ntvdm.exe or Windows NT Virtual DOS Machine, is a file that is generally present in the Windows system32 folder. It is useful in running a 16-bit program on a 32-bit operating system. But, sometimes it gives error while executing a 16-bit program and causes the system to lock-up or freeze and requires a reboot. To avoid any kind of errors with the ntvdm.exe follow the instruction given below.

how to fix NTVDM.exe errors

Windows NT Virtual DOS Machine or ntvdm.exe is highly prone to malicious activity or virus attack as they can even disguise themselves as ntvdm.exe in order to avoid suspicion. It seizes the CPU resource or say it can increase the CPU usage upoto 90 % or even more than that. You can prevent ntvdm.exe error by configuring your system in such a manner that it does not get started automatically upon booting to your system. Follow the procedures below to fix the error.

Fix ntvdm.exe Error from seizing Processor Usage

The best way to get rid of ntvdm.exe is to prevent it from starting up upon booting the computer. To achieve this, perform the following steps

  • Go to Start Menu and Select RUN
  • Type msconfig in the RUN dialog box and hit enter

msconfig fix error

  • Select the startup tab

startup tab

  • Find ntvdm.exe and untick it and select Apply
  • Now, Reboot your computer.

You can also fix the error by ending the process in the task manager. Hold CTRL+ALT+DEL to open the task Manager. Navigate to the process ntvdm.exe and stop the process.


Alternative method to prevent ntvdm.exe from seizing CPU resources is discussed below

This is the method you can use while you are using a shortcut or DOS program to bring up ntvdm.exe

  • Right click on the shortcut or the DOS program and select Properties
  • Go to MISC and search for Always Suspend
  • Set the idle sensitivity to High
  • Now, Save and exit the process.

This will prevent the exe file from seizing much of Processor resources while it stays on an idle mode.

Since, ntvdm.exe file is a Windows verified file or core based it is difficult to get identified by the Antivirus. If there are number of .bat files or DOS based files running, then it may lead to the various other problems. Scan the computer frequently in order to remove the malicious files or virus from the computer and avoid errors and enhance the performance of the computer


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