Estimate the Power Consumed by your PC

Different electronics equipment consumes variable power. The amount of power consumption differs with the type of component embedded within the device. The amount of power consumed by an equipment can be estimated easily. Likewise, Computer power consumption can also be calculated. Every component residing inside the PC has its own max and min power requirements for its proper functioning. Follow the tutorial to know how you can calculate or estimate the amount of power consumed by your PC.

calculate power consumed by your computer

The power drawn by your PC can be calculated easily if you have the right equipment to measure it. Most of the components embedded within computer have specific power figures which are important for its operation. You can measure the power by using the equipments that are discussed below.

Microsoft Joulemeter

Microsoft presents Joulemeter, which is a freeware utility program to determine the amount of power drawn by your computer. It is designed to operate on laptops, but it operates best when paired with USB power meter. Download the software on your laptop, unplug the power cord having a battery up-to 50% or more. Open the program and click Perform Calibration, this will determine the amount of power drawn by measuring how quickly the battery is drained.

Laptop losses power in the form of heat. This utility program will display the power drawn by your laptop. Whereas the power consumption increases when plugged in the power socket.

Power Meter

Power Meter is designed to determine the power drawn on the Desktop. This device is placed between your desktop’s power cord and the power outlet and measures energy consumed. For home users the probable model is P3 International P4400 Kill-A-Watt and is measures the power accurately and moreover it doesn’t require any extra software to operate.

Models like P3 International PS-10 and other advanced models are available that have multiple outlets which help the PC user to determine the power drawn by the computer along with its peripheral devices like the power drawn on the hard drives, monitor, CPU ,etc. In addition to it can be used to test if an outlet is receiving power and it also can be used to detect outlets experiencing low voltage, which is useful in earlier detection of the failing devices and prevent your environment from black outs, temporary brownouts, tripped breakers or dead outlets. The CPU temperature can also be measured with software like CPU thermometer, core temp, etc.

Alternate equipment to measure power consumption is by using Power Supply Calculator or Power Consumption Calculator developed by Thermaltake for all PC users. This calculator will help you figure out the total system power consumption with simple hardware selections.

Computer are generally connected through UPS to prevent sudden shut down of your computer due to any electrical issues and prevent the system from getting damaged. Sometimes, it so happens that the power supply necessary for the system to operate is not available in that case use of voltage stabilizer is must to maintain the voltage balance that is supplied to the computer. Improper voltage supply can damage the system and leads to complete loss of data and information stored in it.

The devices and the software mentioned above will help you to measure the power consumed by the system.


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