Data Source Name or DSN not Supported – How to fix the Error?

Is the DSN or Data Source Name not supported on your Computer? Here is the tutorial to fix the error DSN not found. A data source name (DSN) or database source name defines a connection to a database from a Windows computer software application. DSNs give you the ability to make a connection between a database and Windows software and use it in your application without manually coding the connection in the software’s code. DSNs are standard components used by large companies that develop and (or) use custom proprietary software on several computers. In order to fix the issue follow steps described below.

dsn not supported

DSN are classified into two types. First, one is the Machine DSNs and the other is the File DSNs, which are further classified into System DSNs and Users DSNs. Developer at Microsoft’s .NET framework only supports specific DSN types natively without needing to install third-party software such as Oracle or MySQL. The error returned when you do not have the third-party software installed is “Connection string or DSN not supported.”

Create a DSN

To create a DSN we need to go to the DSN panel. Go to Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools section for Windows XP Professional and Ultimate versions. The DSN requires you to choose a database driver, specify your database server and enter your username and password to access the database. Even if you enter the information successfully, this does not mean the .NET software will not return an error when trying to access the database server. The only way to verify that .NET works with the DSN is to test it with your custom software.

.NET Built-in Support

.NET language program includes the VB.NET and C# languages, and because it is a Microsoft programming platform it supports in-built Microsoft databases. .NET originally supports SQL Server, Access and Excel connections. These three drivers are shown in the DSN creation wizard. When you host database servers such as mySQL and Oracle, you must install third-party software included with the database server software.

Verify Connection Strings

A variable that is used in the .NET software is the connection string. The .NET connection string includes the network server name, username and password and the driver that is used to connect to the database server. The item listed in that line is your software that is the point of error in the .NET software that displays the connection string error. Read or verify the connection string; if the driver is not one of the Microsoft products supported, then you to install the appropriate driver.

Re-Create the DSN

After installing all the suitable drivers, you need to recreate the DSN. Recreation of the Data Source Name is needed to reflect the new driver. You can create a new DSN setting or edit the existing DSN. The new driver will be displayed in the DSN’s settings after you install the software. For instance, if you use mySQL, the mySQL driver displays. Click this driver in the list of connection drivers and click “OK” to edit your current DSN settings. Rerun the .NET software and the problem is resolved.

The above-mentioned instruction will resolve the DSN not supported error.


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