Detect and Prevent High Processor Usage

The central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer. It executes all the operation and processes on the computer. When CPU usage increases it causes excessive heating of the processor. This overheating of CPU causes the system to crash and even get damaged. Therefore, it is quite important to monitor the CPU usage, which will show the programs that are using the most CPU so that you can put an end to the programs to reduce the CPU overheating and preventing from damaged. Here is the tutorial to monitor and prevent the high CPU usage.

detect prevent high cpu usage

It is necessary to monitor the CPU usage to prevent overheating due to high CPU usage. Follow the steps given below to monitor the high CPU usage.

  • Open the Windows Task Manager. To open it right-click the Task Bar and click Task Manager or press Ctrl+ Alt+Delete the Windows Task manager will appear
  • Click on Applications tab under Task Manager
  • Click on any application listed in there that is not used up currently and then click End Process. This will force the program to quit
  • Now, click the Processes tab.
  • Navigate through the list of processes and locate processes where the value listed for CPU is greater than zero. This indicates the percentage of CPU power allocated to that process
  • Select the process and then click End Process to stop the process.

The high CPU usage can be decreased by canceling the particular processes to decrease the CPU load. The present CPU usage can be viewed under the Performance in the Task Manager.

windows task manager

Running number of programs at a time leads to high CPU usage. Avoid multitasking to avoid the overheating of CPU due to high usage.

Ways to Reduce High CPU Usage

The high processor usage can be reduced by reducing the load on the computer. Avoid multitasking of computer programs as it increases the CPU usage. The programs that are not needed, close them and exit the program if it is still active on the task bar. This will reduce the CPU usage along with giving a boost to the computer performance.

Shut down unnecessary programs that are running in the background or start up. Go to Task Manager and end the processes that are not needed.

Reduce the startup programs on your computer which will help you to boot computer even faster and reduces the stress on the CPU. To change these settings click Start > Select Run > type msconfig >  Hit OK. Here you can disable the programs from the Startup tab.

The CPU after continuous operation gets heated which causes the malfunctioning of the CPU. Clean the CPU fans to circulate cool air in to make the CPU perform better. Use the can of compressed air to clean the CPU fans. The CPU temperature can also be measured from the BIOS setting during the startup or by software tool like CPU thermometer, SpeedFan, etc. Frequent check of CPU heat sink, fan, etc. is necessary to avoid CPU overheating.

Follow the instructions given above to reduce the  high CPU usage and ensure the better performance of computer.


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