Dell OptiPlex GX270 Won’t Start – How to fix it?

Is your Dell Optiplex GX270 Computer unable to boot? Many Dell users have confronted this booting problem and found the possible solution for it. The possible cause behind the booting problem may be the improper cable connection, hard drive failure, or the faulty motherboard. The issue can be resolved by following the underlying tutorial.

dell optiplex gx270

Dell Optiplex GX270 computer has been developed for the use in education field as well as government sector. The booting problem can be resolved by the following instructions discussed below.

Fixing Cable Connections

Before fixing the issue, try to sort out the minor probable cause behind the problem. The booting problem of the Dell OptiPlex GX270 can be solved by simply checking its cable connections. The DC power cables that comprise the power supply must be properly connected from the power connector of the computer to the electrical outlet. If it is not connected, then first connect the powers supply properly with the PC. Turn off the GX270 and turn it back on by pressing the Power button in the middle of the PC’s front interface to see if it boots successfully.

Use of Hard-Drive Diagnostics Utility

The booting problem on your system may have occurred due to hard drive failure. Therefore, to repair the booting problem Hard Drive Diagnostics utility program is used. This is a program used to test the hard drive, which is connected in the PC via an IDE interface to verify whether it’s functioning properly or not. The OptiPlex PC embeds the Dell Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) and equips Hard-Drive Diagnostics Utility, which is used to detect a hard drive failure in the desktop. This hard drive not only detects, but also confirms any kind of hard drive failure. To run this utility program, firstly turn off the Optiplex GX270, then turn it back on and press the Ctrl + Alt + D keys simultaneously until F2 = Setup appears in the upper right corner of the screen. When the setup screen appears, follow the onscreen instructions to get rid of this problem.

If you figure out that the problem lies on the hard drive or motherboard, then you need to diagnose the issue by manually removing the case and find out where the fault lies. Generally, the capacitors on the motherboard gets swollen which causes the motherboard to malfunction. Look at the top of the capacitors. If you see a “K” then the capacitor is working fine. If you see an “X” then it’s swollen. In that case the possible solution is a new motherboard. In case there is a failure in any other hardware device you either need to repair it or replace it.

Try Dell Diagnostics

The last alternative way for resolving the GX270′s booting problem without assisting Dell technical assistance can be done by running Dell Diagnostics. It can diagnose serious PC problems. To start Dell Diagnostic you need to Restart the computer and press the F12 key immediately when the DELL logo appears on screen to bring up the application and then follow the instructions present onscreen to resolve the booting problem.

Contact Dell Support

After trying Dell Diagnostics, if the booting problem still persists or the Diagnostic doesn’t work for the booting problem of the Dell OptiPlex GX270, then the last resort you have is to call Dell for technical support.

Since the GX270 is geared toward the educational and government sectors, call the customer service and technical support number supplied at the Dell website designated for the aforementioned industries. The above-mentioned instruction will solve the booting problem in Dell Optiplex GX270.


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