Dell Computer fails to Boot and Keyboard not Functioning as well – How to fix it?

Is your Dell PC unable to boot and keyboard fails to function as well? This situation has become common with Dell PC users. The possible cause behind this kind of situation may be due to the fault in the USB port or the keyboard. Try fixing the issue by following the simple instruction explained below.

dell desktop fails to boot

To resolve the booting problem as well as the keyboard issue firstly, you need to find out the actual culprit to be blamed that is either the computer or the keyboard. There are some simple steps to determine this. You can also use diagnostic light codes, which are common to all Dell desktops, to determine what kind of hardware failure led to your computer’s inability to boot. Follow the steps discussed here to fix the issue.

Check the Power on the Computer

  • Before taking a major step try fixing the minor issues. Check that your computer is properly plugged into a power source. Push in both ends of the power cable to make sure the connections are not loose. If you are using a power strip, turn it off and then on again. If you are using a wall socket, try plugging the computer into a different socket
  • After plugging in the computer, push on the computer’s power button and look to see if its light comes on. An amber light or a flickering blue light indicates trouble while a solid green or blue light means everything is fine
  • Verify whether the computer is powered or not. Check the back of the computer for the lights labeled A, B, C and D. If none are lit, then the computer did not get any power. A yellow B light indicates a bad power supply while a C light indicates a bad motherboard. If only C is green, then the processor had an error. Yellow A and B lights with green C and D lights indicate that memory is present, but has an issue. If you see any of these error codes, then you need to replace internal parts within your computer. When a motherboard is bad, it is usually more economical to replace the whole computer.

Boot into BIOS to Check the keyboard

  • If your computer will not boot into Windows then go to the system BIOS. Press the F2 key. This is the key most Dell computers use to boot into BIOS, where you can check your computer’s hardware settings. If nothing happens, then the keyboard is not working
  • Unplug the keyboard and plug it into a different USB port. It is common for a USB port or two to go bad in older computers. Plug in another keyboard and attempt to boot into BIOS again. If the other keyboard works, then the previous one is dead
  • Look for your hard drive information in BIOS once it loads. If your hard drive is not showing, then it has gone bad and need to be replaced. Installing a new hard drive and loading Windows onto that will fix your computer.

You can also visit the Dell website and login with the service tag number assigned to your desktop. You can get further instructions, articles, etc. that will help you troubleshoot your problems.


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