Computer Restart on its own – How To fix it?

Does your computer restart or reboots on its own? Here are some possible causes for this issue along with a solution that would help you fix it. Frequent rebooting can cause a wide range of problems and loss of valuable data. The possible cause of it may be from incompatible software such as Firewalls and Antivirus software, damaged or overheating parts inside your computer or even incompatible peripherals such as printers and scanners. Some computer repair tips are discussed in this tutorial to help you diagnose the problem.

computer restarting automatically

Reboot Due to Default Setting

When your PC totally reboots out of nowhere then possibly it may be due to the default setting in the system. Default settings are so made to avoid unknown damage to the system hardware as well as software.
To see what the error was you can change the default behavior by right clicking on “My Computer” and choosing “Properties”. Go to the “Advanced” Tab and under “Startup and Recovery” press the “Settings” button. Under the “System Failure” box there will be a check-box saying “Automatically Restart”. Untick this box and click Ok.

computer properties

Reboot Due to Overheating

The generation of excess heat inside the system causes the temperature of the computer go high. The high temperature leads to overheating of the system, as a result of which the system reboots on its own. Check for system fans functioning properly or not. If not, try cleaning them and replace if the fans are worn out. Avoid overkill use of PC or laptops to prevent overheating of computer.

Reboot Due to Dusty Core

The accumulation of dust on the system fan or on other hardware equipment can block the passage of air flow or improper ventilation. This will lead to overheating of the computer. Try cleaning the system fans and the RAM slots with the compressed canned air. Removal of dust leads to smooth functioning of fan as well as the system.

Reboot Due to Malware Activities

Malware can also cause rebooting of system. Try scanning your system for the virus or malware and fix the issue. Install Anti-virus program like rkill which detects the virus and automatically fix the issue. Sometimes, it may be the firewall which prevents certain programs to function properly and causes system to reboot. Download Malwarebyte to detect virus in the system and run it to get rid of the malware activities.

Reboot Due to Faulty Hardware

The failure of hardware unit like power supply unit (PSU), RAM, processor, etc. can cause the system to boot frequently. Try to figure out the unit that is not functioning properly and repair them. If the units are completely damaged, then you need to replace them. If it’s the motherboard which has turn out to be faulty, then try repairing it or replace it though it’s costly.

Reboot Due to Recent Changes

The driver or software which are not compatible with the PC can cause the system to boot frequently. If you have recently installed any driver, or software after which the reboot has started then just uninstall or reinstall the driver or the software.

Blue Screen of Death also causes the computer to boot frequently of its own. Get rid of BSoD as soon as possible to fix the issue of restarting of computer frequently. The above discussed methods can help you overcome the problem and ensures proper functioning of your computer.



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